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  1. ThisGuy

    seeding a tank

    Hello just wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to seed a filter, if you put it on a well established tank. I just got some new shrimpys so I'm going to stick them in one of my 10's temporally. But I want to set up 2, 5 gals for a dedicated invert tanks. I am going to hook up the...
  2. ThisGuy

    29 Gallon Tank any ideas?

    Hello I was just baiting for some ideas for my 29 gal. Its under stocked right now and has been for a while and I was thinking about getting a new addition. Currently its heavily planted I have 6 neon's and 3 Kuhli's that I rarely see. Looking for a peaceful addition that won't be able to fit a...
  3. ThisGuy

    freshwater stingray

    I was wondering about tank sizes for the tea cup rays (freshwater) the three smallest genus grow to a 13" to 14" disc width and require a large tank foot print how large is large enough is a 180 gal big enough at 72" x 24" x 24" or would you have to go with a 225 gal or something of that nature...
  4. ThisGuy

    We rescued a betta today

    The better half talked me into getting a new betta today he is blue with a white tail just a little guy about half the size of Mr.betta1. We will see ill nurse him back to health and get him some good food and a nice area to swim ill post some pics once I find the cable to my camera.
  5. ThisGuy

    New house came with pond - What do i do with it?

    HI I just got my new house last Tuesday and there is a little pond it the back yard that I was not sure what to do with and was planning on ripping it out because I thought that it was way too small. It hasn't been running for at least a season or too, so I decided to drain it yesterday it’s...
  6. ThisGuy

    Instant cycle in Canada?(bio-spira)

    Does anyone know if you can get Bio-Spira and Tetra Safe Start here in Canada? I know you can ship it in but that is way expensive and it takes a day. I know you can get it in the **== and versions of it in Europe but I am not sure about here in Canada. Thanks Ryan P.S I am looking for...
  7. ThisGuy

    I need a little info

    HI I am trying to get a little info for a friend on biospira and the new one the one that doesn't need to be refrigerated for her reef tanks. She is setting up 3 40gal I also need some info on seeding rock, I think its called lace rock that you use as the base and seed with live rock on top...
  8. ThisGuy

    Blue Taiwan Shrimp

    HI all Ryans girlfriend again.. not ryan.. lol anyways we found someone selling some shrimp they call Blue Taiwan, and she is selling not that cheap. Aparently she imported from Taiwan and no one around here sells them.. Ive looked them up online and I can't find a single thing about them...
  9. ThisGuy

    Database Errors

    Just 2 let you know I was getting some database errors when I was trying to open threads and switch back and forth between "My Posts" and "New Replies" as well as the tab drop down for smilies was glitching. thanks Ryan
  10. ThisGuy

    SAE Breeding

    Just checking but from what I understand breeding Siamese algae eaters is impossible in a tank right?
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