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  1. Angelfish lover 01

    GBR in a 6 gallon?

    HI all having been forced to downsize my plans slightly for parental reasons, I was wondering about putting a pair of GBR with six rummy nose tetras in a 25 litre, six us gallon tank. I will probably get the tank when I move house in the next couple of months as we are only renting at the...
  2. Angelfish lover 01

    My last post.

    HI all my hopes of a new tank have come to nothing. Without a tank to expand my very limited knowledge I am no longer able to give anything worthwhile to the forum unless at some point I can manage it, but I doubt that.. It felt wrong just to disappear off the forum even though there is no...
  3. Angelfish lover 01

    African cichlids in 100 litre tank??????

    HI all my parents have given the ok to a 100 litre tank in my room and I am currently planning a tank with a trio of Bolivian rams and 5-8 rummy nose tetras. Having been given the ok my imagination is starting to run away and I'm curious as to whether I could do a MalawI or Mbuna tank? I am also...
  4. Angelfish lover 01

    Alternative to bolivian rams?

    HI all I am planning a tank (100 litre) with a pair of Bolivian rams and ten rummy nose tetras but I am curious about any other alternatives. They must be fairly easy to purchase in the uk and fit in a 100 litre tank CONFORTABLY. I have heard of Kribensis. What are they like? what other dwarf...
  5. Angelfish lover 01

    Bolivian ram aquasccaping suggestions?

    HI everyone I am planning on getting at least one Bolivian ram with a school of rummy nose tetras in a 90- 100 litre tank and I'm really not sure how to setup the tank. Any suggestions and pictures would be much appreciated. Also, what is the best way to get them to colour up? They get to about...
  6. Angelfish lover 01

    Bolivian ram tank mates?

    HI everyone, I'm 14 and relatively new to the forum. I have owned fish before (see profile) and I originally wanted angelfish because I love the character of cichlids but I was advised against them on the forum and Bolivian rams were suggested as an alternative. I read they need a fairly heavily...
  7. Angelfish lover 01

    Angelfish in 120 liter tank?

    Hello everyone I'm 14 and new to the forum so please forgive my ignorance! I have had bettas, danios and tetras in the past and would like to get angelfish because I love their personalities. I understand they need a large tall tank. Would 120 litres be suitable? If so for how many?
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