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    With a bit of fertilizer and the right plants, plants will thrive in that light. Low light plants like swords, java fern/moss, wisteria, elodea, and anubias varieties will grow like weeds.
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    The 20 Gallon that Never Was

    Hey guys, I haven't been on in like a really long time, but I've decided I want a fish tank again, since I never wound up getting one. I'm thinking about a 20 gallon, and I have a couple ideas for stocking but I still have space left. My first idea is this: 6 Celestial Pearl Danios (or...
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    10 gallon tank

    Agreed with Jaysee. You could even get the glo danios (if you've seen them)...they're basically neon colored zebras, and they school together since the glo danios are basically just genetically altered zebras.
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    What to put in a 3 gal. Tank?

    could you put an Indian Dwarf Puffer?
  5. emily8

    Cute Honey Gourami Behaviour :)

    navarunroy: perhaps you have a flame dwarf gourami? They can be aggressive, and are often sold as honeys. They are just a color morph of your typical dwarf gourami, not a different species, and therefore it would make sense for the little guy to have a bit of a 'tude.
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    Current stock........judge me not harsh

    I hate to echo everyone, but it's extremely important that you move everything into a bigger tank ASAP. That's way overstocked for a 29 gallon, and I could tell that just by looking at the list.
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    My Celestial Pearl Danios and Gourami

    Do they prefer to be in groups? I'm thinking maybe a 29 gallon instead of a 20 (I don't know if you saw my thread) and I'm pretty excited.
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    My Celestial Pearl Danios and Gourami

    Are there any specific care requirements they have? The Dwarf GouramI disease makes things rather difficult.
  9. emily8

    My Celestial Pearl Danios and Gourami

    And you didn't have to special order them?
  10. emily8

    10 Gallon Tank Newbie first attempt

    Your tank looks awesome! How big is it?
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