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  1. Jayfeather9

    Mosquito fish had babies!

    HI everyone. my mosquito fish had babies today. I have 2 questions. ARe mosquito fish actually platys or totally different? they look the same. What should a I feed the fry? their in a breeder net at the moment
  2. Jayfeather9

    baby fish in pond

    today I found a 1cm long black baby fish in our pond. We have had baby goldfish before in our pond but they were a lot larger when we found them. We also have 3 12" koI which have unknown genders that could possibly have bred. The pond contains an unknown amount on 3"-5" goldfish and a wide...
  3. Jayfeather9

    I really need answers!

    okay sorry for starting a new thread but the other one got really confusing. so the problem is that recca has had finrot for 2 months and I hasnt been getting any better nor worse. I really need to breed him for that is a school project and it needs to be done in the next 2 weeks. right now...
  4. Jayfeather9

    finrot wont cure

    IMPORTANT NEED HELP! finrot won't cure EDIT hI everyone. my beloved betta recca has had finrot for the past 4 weeks and I have treated it with water changes and almond leaf. and for the first week a bit of maracyn. he so far hasnt healed at all. I really don't think hes a tail biter for he...
  5. Jayfeather9

    Science fair project ideas

    so there is a possibility of a science fair coming up and I would like to do it on fish, perferablly bettas. I have a few ideas but I would like to see what other people have thought of. the projects that I will do can have no harm put on the fish. some ideas are: Will bettas respond to...
  6. Jayfeather9

    im ready!

    sorry to open so many threads under this forum but I am ready for breeding after sooooooo long. so I have recca as many have seen and I have Fire and Ice, the two females. they are crowntails and still young. as their names suggest ones blue and ones red. I got two as backups for those...
  7. Jayfeather9

    I would like some input

    I will be breeding bettas in febuary and I was wondering about something. I will only have a 10 gallon as a grow out tank and I would like to know if I can take young 3 week old bettas and put them in individual betta cups to make more room for growing in the 10 gallon. They would be treated...
  8. Jayfeather9

    Will this work?

    Will an internal 5 gallon fitter work in a 10 gallon betta breeding set up? It will have a spoge to reduce water movement and a very fine panty hose to stop fry from getting sucked up. If it won't work what are some otter suggestions? I know there Are sponge filters but I don't want to run an...
  9. Jayfeather9

    My New Male For A Breeding Project

    so I got a male from canpets (park royal, vancouver) and he is soooo pretty! I got a nice female for him from petsmart but she died 2 days later. =( also in the pictures he looks like he has purple scaling but that's just the light, it's actually silver. so here's some pics of the male. hes...
  10. Jayfeather9

    I couldn't resist even though had plans!

    So today I went to town to do a little shopping. I went to the pest store just to "look" and saw him. Now before I continue my original plans where to buy a pair from a seller another day but......that plan is now scrapped. So now I have a little boy named Recca. He is black with silver...
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