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    Will Corys Eat Sinking Wafers?

    My sterbaI always spit bloodworm out of their gills. It seems they have a hard time swallong it. They nibble algae wafer , not sure if they are eating it or not. I'm planning to buy hikarI sinking wafer since that's the only sinking pellet avaible at my lfs. Will they eat it??
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    Assasin Snail Question

    My 35 gallon tank are full of pond snails. How many assasin snail are needed for this tank size? Do they breed like crazy? Also do they lay eggs like nerite? What should I feed them once all snails are gone? Do they harm kuhlI loach or corys?
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    Kuhli Loach And Filter Intake

    I just got 6 kuhlI loaches and one of them is missing. I noticed my canister filter intake seems to fit in kuhlI loach body size. I didnt know they were that small. But then again They sometimes burrow in sand and makes it hard to find them. What do you guys do to make sure they don't get sucked...
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    Catfish Growth

    I saw sterbaI corydoras with size about 2-3cm . Can they still grow? or they are stunted? I'm not sure if its a good idea to purchase it
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    Red Lizard Catfish And Goby

    I found a fish called Sicyopus exallisquamulus ,Sturisoma panamense Red lizard catfish and immediately fall in love with them. What's their requirement? My stocking : 2 rams 1 DG 6 kuhlI loach in 35 gallon tank. Is it still possible to add one of those fish? Will any of those fish uproot...
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    Mixing Endler With Ram And Dwarf Gourami

    As the title said, Is it okay to mix a bunch of male endlers with rams and a dwarf gourami? tank size 35 gallon
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    Spitting Food

    I feed my rams and gouramI tetra bits and they always spit it out and then eat it again only to spit it out again. Should I stick to tetra bits until they get used to it?
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    New Stocking

    I have a bit of problem with feeding my ballon rams in 35 gallon tank. Stocking list : 2 rams and 17 rummy nose tetras. My tetras eat so fast (like piranhas) , I have to overfed a little so the rams could get some. I decided to remove my tetras and add a new fish. I need a slow eater and top...
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    Slow Eating Fish

    I'm tired of overfeeding my tetras just for my rams cichlid to eat their food. I decided to get rid of the tetras but I'm not sure that would be a suitable tankmates. Currect stocking : 2 ballon rams 17 rummy nose tetras
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    Did I Crash My Tank Cycle?

    I was on vacation for a week and my friend overfed my 35 gallon tank. When I returned, all my fish were gasping and my canister flow at slow rate. So I did 80% water change, fish active no gasping and everything back to normal except canister flow rate. After that I tried to clean my canister...
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