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  1. J

    Red slime

    Little guys eating red slime ?? Is this bad?
  2. J

    Clownfish ick?

    I noticed that my clownfish has 1 small white spot under his eye I can't identify what it is but the rest of his body looks fine. Is this ick? What should I do ?
  3. J

    Pearl gourami sick?

    I just got 3 pesrl gouramis about a week ago and my tank consists of tank ornaments/plants/gravel. My water parameters are: Ammonia: 0 Njtrite: 0 Nitrate: 30 The little guy looks a little sick and hangs at bottom of tank or near my large amazom sword. He has like no color and his upper body is...
  4. J

    What is this plant and why dying?

    hey as title says, what olant is this and what is causing it to die off such as it is?
  5. J

    Zebra danio strange behavior

    1 out of my (7) zebra danios is hanging below the filter and barely swimming while breathing heavily away from the other danios. Temp 77 F Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 NItrate: 5 pH: 7.8 Was thinking maybe its sick or being bullied, but i never really noticed it being bullied before. Any suggestions...
  6. J

    Saltwater cycled now what?

    So i just tested my saltwater tank thats been up for about 3 weeks and i have 0 ammonia and nitrites and about 10 nitrates. I was wondering whether to add a CUC or fish into my FOWLR tank. I did not have any algae bloom during or after the cycle (no lights used during this time). Should i go...
  7. J

    Concerned fish dad, zebra danio not moving.

    So I am cycling a 125-gallon tank with 4 zebrafish and one of them is not doing fine. He was hiding in a ship ornament for a few days and now he is behind a plant almost immobile and laying on the gravel but still breathing he hasn't been eating in 3-4 days now. My water parameters are: Ammonia...
  8. J

    Zebra danio unmotivated

    Hey, so i got 4 zebra danios to cycle my 125 gallon and have been monitoring ammonia every day and am still at 0 after 5 days..although this is not my concern. My concern is that one of my zebra danios stays in one corner of the tank and he will move around in that corner sometimes but he mostly...
  9. J

    Would this stock work?

    Hey guys and girls, this is my first post and i just assembled my aquarium a week ago. I was wondering if this would be a compatible fish stock for my new 125gallon: 4 german blue rams 1 RTS 8 zebra danios 4 pearl gourami 5 rummy-nose 4 yoyo loach I currently just have 4 zebra danios for a...
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