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    60 Gallon Tank Stock Compatibility & Bioload

    I would b I would be a little skeptical of bettas with cichlids just because they're agressive but not very strong. I recommend just one school of the cories because rainbows spend a lot of time on the bottom and are relatively agressive but I think in a 60 gal you should have enough space...
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    Stocking idea, want opinions

    I would add at least 6 to your Kuhli school (I think you could go up to around 15 total) Cherry shrimp would be fine, no one would eat them, but because they are small and the fish would be large to them, they’d probably hide a fair amount but that’s also pretty normal for shrimp.
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    60 Gallon Tank Stock Compatibility & Bioload

    I know some people that have had success in large tanks with cories and rainbows. You just want to carefully monitor and have a back up plan for if it does not work. you should look into some smaller cichlids and gouramis to consider for some “centerpiece” type fish. Although somegouramis may...
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    20 Gallon Tank 20g : Betta Sorority + Khuli Loaches + Tetras + Danios ?

    Okay! Just wanted to make sure you knew ☺️
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    20 Gallon Tank 20g : Betta Sorority + Khuli Loaches + Tetras + Danios ?

    Its possible your cardinals are bickering because of the small group. Often increasing the number of shoaling fish will help with behavioral problems.
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    Petco or pet supply plus???

    There's no pets supplies plus but the petco near me is definitely relatively knowledgeable and has healthy fish.
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    90 Gallon Tank Top dwelling fish??

    Rainbow fish are usually top dwellers. I'd also recommend guppies!
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    40 gallon breeder geophagus

    I don't know very much so I'm mostly hoping to give a bump. But I think that geoghagus need a sandy substrate. I also think they'll eat fish that can fit in their mouths so I'd def recommend the serpaes instead of rummynoses.
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    30 gallon stocking and plants

    I’d definitely recommend going with either the cories or kuhlis and doing around 8 of them.
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    20 Gallon Tank 20 Long Stocking

    1. Zebra danios are cool, they are very fast and can fin nip so if you think you will get a betta again, I would steer away from this option. 2. It's a fun group! The black neons would do great with gouramis and bettas. Sparking gouramis are so peaceful, I don't think there would be any issues...
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