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    Saw this last night........

    Has anyone seen this? I saw a commerical for it last night and couldn't believe my eyes. Designer Home????? When will enough be enough? There are going to be a whole lot of unhappy bettas this holiday season........
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    1 1/4" of water evaporates every 12 hours

    I am in the process of cycling a 5 gallon with 1 Betta. Since Saturday, I have noticed that the water has started evaporating at a very high rate. I do 50% water changes every day around 9pm. When I get up the next morning at 7am, 1 1/4" of water has evaporated. I fill the tank back up and when...
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    UPDATE: LB has a hole in his analfin

    Well, LB's tank still isn't cycled and I really need to medicate him for his fin rot.  He was a little scraggly and medicating him in the vase has not been working.  This morning I when I checked on him, he had a hole.  So now I am thinking that I need to get him out of the vase and into the...
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    Air stones-when do you need them?

    I have seen a few people mention air stones and I am wondering under what circumstances you use them? All I know about them is that they oxygenate the water and that water at higher temps has less oxygen in it.
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    Fake plants or real?

    Which is better? I see a lot of people have real plants. What are the pros/cons of each?
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    New tank setup (betta newbie)

    HI all! I have been lurking for a while trying to read up on how to care for my betta, Lil Blue.  He is currently in a vase, no plant.  I purchased a 5 gal tank for him and am in the process of trying to cycle it.  I have been using the pellets that came free with the tank to start the cycle. ...
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