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    What To Do With A Male Balloon Molly?

    Hello, so about 3 months ago, the balloon molly I bought from the pet store had babies. I kept one, and named it lil lemon. I recently put lemon into my big tank to get him out of his crib and around other fish, he has needed to come out of his crib for at least a month and I hate having him in...
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    Balloon Molly Prolapse. What Now?

    Hello all, one of my beloved balloon mollies, Penny, has gotten a prolapse. I have seen her poop fine with this little reddish white bubble, and her poo seems to come out in front of the prolapse. I noticed it yesterday and she is acting fine, still coming to get my attention when I come up to...
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    Betta Fish And Proper Ph 7.0

    My boyfriend recently took his water for his betta to petsmart, and as always, petsmart had to sell him something, and of course he bought it. He came home and dosed the tank with proper PH 7.0 without me knowing. I'm not sure if the dosing was correct, but I would assume he read the directions...
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    10 Gallon Tank Pretty Balloon Babies

    Hello all! My balloon molly fry are now 13 weeks! I'm so overly excited about my babies. Before I got them, I had no idea how to raise fry, and I'm so so so excited that the two I saved have survived! It's quite strange to me that the male is the larger of the two, but the female was very timid...
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    White Skirt Tetra Looking Thin

    So I have 2 white skirt tetras, and I have attached photos of both of them as well as a side by side. The larger one is doing fine, and has been since I got him/her. My tank has one RTS, 2 balloon mollie adults, and 2 baby balloons (under 12 weeks old), a platy, and 2 white skirts in a 30 gal...
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