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    Good online sites to get new plants?

    I have bought from aquarium co-op. Aquarium plants factory. and dustinsfishtanks and have been happy with all of them.
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    What tank to get?

    Just bought a 20 long from petco I ordered it offline for 26 dolars then picked it up in store I get all my filters and lights off amazon. I already had a filter but am getting a heater and light for under 50 bucks and I have all my tanks open top. But I think you can get a marineland penguin...
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    Glofish bettas

    Was just at petco and noticed that they now have glow betas like they have glow tetras and glow danios. I think this is just too far they looked super sick and recorded.
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    Is this bba or some other type of algae

    Thanks for all of your help hopefully I can get it under control
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    Is this bba or some other type of algae

    How do I get rid of it?
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    Is this bba or some other type of algae

    Can anyone tell me ehat type of algae this is.
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    Ive orderd from buce a lot and have only had one plant come dead and they sent a replacement right away.
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    Show me your spider wood!

    This is from when I first set it up the plants kind of consumed it tho lol
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    So... hair grass

    This is kind of a older post but I have dwarf sag in my tank and it looks good with no co2
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    Recommendation for online plant seller? (USA)

    I order from they have a huge selection of plants and will replace any plant that arrives dead if any arive dead ive had good experience with them.
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