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  1. ChuthuluFish

    How Many Small Tetras Would You Recomend?

    1. How many black neon tetras should I buy at the fish store today. 2. How many could I hold. 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 25-35 nitrate 10 gallon medium to heavily planted. 1 sad tetra survivor who needs friends. Also I only have a 5 gallon quarintine, and they will be there a week or 2. Can I...
  2. ChuthuluFish

    Can I Get Some Emergency Help.

    Around the middle of summer I got 7 black neon tetras. Then last month I got 2 live bearers. A few day after o got them I noticed a single speck of ick. Turned the temp up and it was gone. Now 2 and a half weeks later it's back. it took 4/7 of my tetras. And has 1 livebearer and 1 mabey or 2...
  3. ChuthuluFish

    Can I Use 100% Cotton On My Sponge Filter?

    I was watching some videos. Including LifeWithPets and they all said use 100% polyester and not cotton. if I can't use it does any one know why?
  4. ChuthuluFish

    Help. Will My Beneficial Bacteria And Cycle Be Ok

    I unplugged my filter for feeding. Witch is what I normally do. But I got distracted by my new fish and walked away. Its been of 3 hours. I just plugged it back in. I know beneficial bacteria can survive for a while but 2 days ago I had a power outage. How much might be left if any?!
  5. ChuthuluFish

    Is This A Good "light" Stock?

    in about 6 monthes I will be upgrading from a 20 to a65 gallon aquarium. right now I have... 1 swordtail (female) 1 platy (female) 7 black neon tetras(gender. unknown) .the 65 tank will be4 feet long.1 foot back and I think 2 feet tall. my tanks planned stock is: 1 sword tail(female) 6 platys...
  6. ChuthuluFish

    Have You Ever Came Home With The Wrong Fish?

    Example you go to an lfs buy some platys, get home and realize ones a sord tail. Something like this happen to any one else? Ps: its 3 hours to this lfs and back.(closest one) so no returns
  7. ChuthuluFish

    Is This A Mollie? Yes .what Do I Do Now?!

    My mom drove me to the nearest lfs To get some platys. Bought 2 females. When I was there I was told that the fish I picked was indeed a Platy and was a little unsure. But I trusted the salesperson because it was a high reputation store, or so I had been told. Is this a Mollie? And is this other...
  8. ChuthuluFish

    My New Platys!

    Here are my new babies. There a platus(obviously) Both female.
  9. ChuthuluFish

    Power Outage! Did I Handle It Properly?

    Hello. As title says my family's home had a power outage. And id'd like to now if I handled it right. First I pulled my media out of my HOB filterand put in the front of the intake. I pulled it out because when the filters off it drains all the water out of tjlhe filter into the tank. I also...
  10. ChuthuluFish

    Any Gouramis Other Then Bettas To Go With My Black Neon Tetras

    Hello! my tetras have been doing good since early August. And for good grades I get to pick out a new fish or 2 to add to the fishy family. As above what goramI would work? well its a 20 gallon and I don't now if honeys are temp compatible. Its kept at 78 f. Any suggestions. I will have lots...
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