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    my new puffer Queequeg

    I love his name... the pics you have up are so cute
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    my new puffer Queequeg

    is there a special significance to his name? I think what I'm trying to say is: Does his name mean anything? He's a cute one
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    Puffer Recognizes this normal?

    It's kind of bizarre...he does this AFTER he's been fed. It's really cute
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    Puffer Recognizes this normal?

    Hey guys, I've noticed that when I come over to Woody's tank and talk to him, he swims over and watches me. If I say "woody, come here", he actually comes over. Have any of you had this happen with your puffers? Sticky fish
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    Hello Everyone...just joined...

    Welcome to fishlore from sunny San Diego
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    My Cory Family

    very nice fish you've got there
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    Why'd you pick your particular FishLore username?

    I have lots of plecos that stick to the glass and I love fish of all kinds...especially puffers, plecos, and pacific spiny lumpsuckers --Sticky fish
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    If You Could........

    I'd ask for a day of spending quality time together and another 5 gallon hex tank... I want another puffer!
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    It's ok...I've got a bird that thinks he's human. Woody bit my dad the other day... I was getting something from the back room and I heard this yelp from over by the fish tank! I guess Woody got confused and hungry and thought my dad migh taste good >.<
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    Getting a free green spotted puffer!

    Very cool... hopefully your new poof arrives happy and healthy fingers crossed for ya! Woodstock will be excited to hear the news. Do you know if he might ship them to California???
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