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    White patch on pleco

    Hi! I’ve got a small pleco / anstrictus thing which seems happy but unfortunately has this white patch appeared above his eyes. He spends a lot of time behind the heater so wonder if it’s perhaps burned or a disease and if it’s something to worry about please? Thanks for your help. Abi
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    Bent Fish Dieing

    HI I’ve got a black and gold molly who has started to bend in half. She was floating on the bottom of the tank so I put her in a little rescue place but 2 days later she’s still barely moving and looks really unhappy. Is there something I can do to help her or perhaps she needs euthanasia? I’ve...
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    Sexing Golden Rams

    Hi, last week I bought 2 Gold Rams from my LFS, I think they’re both girls but wonder if they’re perhaps too young to sex? Can anyone confirm please? Thanks
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    Poop From Side Of Tummy

    HI All, I have a 125l freshwater tank with about 12 Neon Tetras, 4 minI rainbow fish & 8 pentazine barbs. Water parameters are 0/0/0 and I changed about 25% of the water yesterday. One of the neon tetras seems to have a dark red side and looks like there is poo coming out. Any ideas what this...
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    Will My Tank Be Over Stocked?

    HI All, I have a 125l tank with internal filter (U3). Currently I have the following in the tank: 3x Neon Tetra 4x Gold Cardinal Tetra 3x Zebra Danio 2x Gold Dust Mollies 4x Guppies 1x Ancistrus I’d like to add 3 more tetras (same as current species) 3 zebra danios and 2 more mollies...
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    Help.. Sick Cardinal Tetras

    Hi! I’ve recently set up my first new fish tank. It’s been up for a few weeks and had 4 gold cardinal tetras and 4 zebra danios as the first fish. Within a day or two 2 of the tetras died without showing signs of illness. The other 2 have remained looking good but now won’t eat. One of the...
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