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    Stocking and plant ideas for 29g

    I’ve got a 29g that’s been sitting around for a while that I need to finally get around to setting up. The only fish I know for certain I will be having in it is a school of cardinal tetras (I have some in a five gallon right now that deserve an upgrade), but other than that I’m pretty open to...
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    What’s wrong with my Java fern?

    I’ve had a Java fern since about March. This is the first plant I’ve really ever had in my tank aside from moss balls, which I don’t think really count as plants. The Java fern I bought was being grown in the water, so I don’t think my issues were a problem with melting. I read that Java ferns...
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    My tetra is exploding with worms and I don’t know what to do

    I have five cardinal tetras in a well established five gallon tank and two of them currently have what appears to be long white worms. The worms first appeared about a month and a half ago when one of the two had a small whitish spot on his side, but it didn’t seem to change and didn’t look like...
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    Treating gas bubble disease

    Hello everyone, First post. Today I went out and bought two cardinal tetras to round out a small school of them I have in a five gallon aquarium (they will soon be moved into a 29 gallon). After getting the little guys home and starting to transition them, I realized that one of them has a...
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