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  1. belarskio

    10 Gallon Tank Anubias Nana

    Just bought it and it looks kinda messed up and it even looks like the rhizome might be cut off. Im new to plants so I dont know if the plant looks good.
  2. belarskio

    Hang on back filter

    I recently found out you have to wash your filter media so it sat for 6 months. I washed in a bucket of aquarium water for a few minutes but it is still very green and so is the water. How thorough does the washing need to be?
  3. belarskio

    Will Anubias roots grow into gravel?

    Trying to plant it in my substrate without burying the Rhizome but the roots are really short so I can barely bury it, will the roots grow into the substrate?, will it stay in place? The roots on my anubias plant are so short that I can't bury them without burying the Rhizome so I just kinda...
  4. belarskio

    What type of fish like low ph?

    My water has low ph and if possible I want to avoid having to do any special ph stuff
  5. belarskio

    Bump on my neon tetra

    My neon tetra that I got yesterday has been hiding for a long time and I noticed a small bump on its stomache. It seems to have bigger since yesterday. The other ones I bought are doing fine and schooling together. I had to lift up the hiding spot to take the picture. Does he have a disease or...
  6. belarskio

    Dish soap!

    I made a mistake and accidentally washed my hands with dish soap right before I put my hands in my tank. I accidentally left bubbles because I didn't think I would need to put my hands in the tank but I completely forgot about the bubbles and put my hand in the tank 5-10 minutes later to get get...
  7. belarskio

    10 Gallon Tank 10g tall neon tetras

    I got 3 neon tetras in my 10g tank, the dimensions are 16x16x20, I love them and they already school together on the first day. The tank already has a guppy, the other ones died and 3 red cherry shrimp. I want to convert the tank to a neon tetra only tank because my area has lo ph and my shrimp...
  8. belarskio

    Please help, skinny guppy

    My guppy is not eating at all, is very skinny, has red swollen cheeks and is having trouble swimming. Medicine and water testing is out of the question for obvious reasons last time I checked the water parameters with my last test strip ph was way too low 6.4 and kh was 0 anf water hardness was...
  9. belarskio

    What is this?!?!

    There is this weird white thing I noticed on the decoration I took out temporily what is this? It looks like white paint?!?!
  10. belarskio

    Goldfish tankmates

    What fish can be kept with goldfish?
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