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  1. Photobelle

    How To Remove All Bacteria And Parasite Problems

    I have had a lot of fish die. Yes my tank is cycled. I have treated for parasites and bacteria. I do not know if it is tb or something else and not all fish would have the bent spine and sunken belly. How can I treat or clean my tank of everything before adding new fish? I do still have 4...
  2. Photobelle

    Fish Bent Spine

    Hello, what can cause a fish to develop a bent spine and sunken belly other than tb? I have lost a lot of fish like this but still have several originals who seem fine. I would like to treat my tank before getting new fish and losing them like I was before. Thank you.
  3. Photobelle

    May Need To Start Over, Please Help

    Hello, ok I have had my new tank setup for about a yr, had a smaller one for about 6 months before that. It is a 20 long, with 2 filters, driftwood with anubias and other decorations. I currently have 4 glofish danios still alive. I also have a nerite and some amano shrimp. Here are the 2 main...
  4. Photobelle

    What Kind Of Snails Are These?

    My tank is being overrun by these snails. They are everywhere. I have 2 clown loaches and an assassin snail and it is just getting worse. They almost have the body type of the assassin so I don't know if it was pregnant or something when I got it. I haven't gotten any new driftwood or anything...
  5. Photobelle

    Fuzz Coming Out Of Danios Gills

    I just found a dead guppy and what looks like fuzz is coming out of my danios gills! What is going on??? I just did a round of meds last week! A puppy died last week as well.
  6. Photobelle

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I have a freshwater 20 long .It is cycled with 2 filtera running. I have 2 air stones, Anubis, sand and other decorations. I have lost quite a few fish in this whole process. We start one yr ago and upgraded to the 20 over the summer. I just lost another guppy. I do weekly water changed of...
  7. Photobelle

    Platy With Tb?

    Is this play tb? I had 2 other platies that died months ago after looking the same way. I have treated the tank with general cure and for parasites. All my cories died but at different times and never seemed to have anything wrong with them (except one). Her and her baby are the only platies I...
  8. Photobelle

    Feeding While On Vacation

    We are going out of town this weekend and having our floors refinished. We are leaving FrI am and coming home sun pm. I plan to move the tank to the kitchen. The light won't be going on or off but there are doors and windows in there so they will get sunlight. I plan to feed them before we leave...
  9. Photobelle

    Fish Keep Acting Weird And Dying

    Please help! About a month ago I posted about my platy and ended up euthanizing her cause it was said she had tb. I had a Cory die about a week later. I have another platy acting super weird and I thought I saw white near her rear end so I treated the whole tank with general cure last week. Did...
  10. Photobelle

    Clown Loaches And Panda Cories

    I have 4 long fin panda cories. I am noticing that their fins seem to be getting shorter. How can this happen? Is another fish attacking them? I have 2 clown loaches because I had a problem with long snails. I plan to return them but I am still seeing snails. Could they be attacking my cories? I...
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