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  1. Sean Smith

    Help - Remote City No Tap Water Conditioner

    I would get it from the online stores . But if chlorine is your only issue with the water . Then just let it sit 24 hours with an air stone it it to get the chlorine to dissolve out of it before you put it in a tank
  2. Sean Smith

    Does Lucky My Puffer Have Some Sort Of Illness?

    Sounds like shock from being introduced wrong or you just arnt feeding it properly . Those guys require snails in their diets and like small worms
  3. Sean Smith

    Bloated Dwarf Gourami

    Looks a little bloated . May just need to not be feed for a day or two
  4. Sean Smith

    Source Of Micro Worm And Other Bettas Food Cultures

    For Bettas I just just took some of the planera that showed up in my tank and cultured those and cultured brine shrimp eggs till they hatched and feed them and then for when the Bettas first hatch and absorb their yolk , I have two cultures I started four years ago from draining my filter into a...
  5. Sean Smith

    Help With Plants/ Algae & Discus

    I also can’t find your light . All I’m seeing is these round lights used for living rooms . Not sure if that’s suitable for a tank at all .
  6. Sean Smith

    Help With Plants/ Algae & Discus

    Nitarate is ridiculously high . Like 3-4 times higher than you should have it . No wonder you have algae . A uv filter can help with algae . Your water also doesn’t seem hard enough for most plants to enjoy and you should also make sure your plants are ok with a regular light setting without a...
  7. Sean Smith

    Fruits For Plecos?

    Cucumber and zucchinI are great for them and they love it . I don’t know about the others , sounds fishy to me
  8. Sean Smith

    Dropsy Or Constipation???

    I would not feed him for atleast three days and make sure his water is at 80-82
  9. Sean Smith

    Paradise Fish Breeders

    Yeah probably
  10. Sean Smith

    Betta Photos

    My halfmoon black orchid female I’ve started using in breedings
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