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    Strongest Freshwater Fish

    So I was thinking, what fish is the strongest freshwater aquarium fish you have had? Its definitely goldfish for me. But I'm curious what it is for everyone strong I mean survival. Water quality, defense against other fish, disease resistance etc.
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    I'm So Lost, Black Water?

    I left my house for two days on a fishing trip and when I came home my aquarium water is black. Suuuper murky. I thankfully have no fish or plants in it. I checked my filter, it is clean and doesn't seem to be leaking anything strange. All my water perimeters are normal and I've used algae...
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    Too Much Flourish!!!!

    Ok, so I went camping and asked my sister to step in and feed my fish while I was gone. Mind you she's an idiot. Well she decided that flourish was for feeding ghost shrimp. And instead of asking me, over a whole week gave them a CAP full PER shrimp twice a day. This is in my 125 gallon...
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    Need Suggestions On A Plant!

    So, I'm needing a freshwater plant that vines for my 125 gallon. In my years of having planted aquariums I've never seen nor heard of one. Anyone know of or have one?
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    Dirty Fish Species

    Aquariums are a lifetime passion of mine, and now I have a project I am beginning. I have two established tanks, one is 125 gallons and another is a custom 100 gallon. The 125 has 3, 8" plecos and 1 7" koi. I have a strange request. For my custom tank I am doing an experiment and need a fish...
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