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    What Kind Of Light Bulb Would Be Good For Plants In A Jar

    Not sure if this is the right section to post in, but it's about growing plants soooo long story short, my next little project is going to be a 2gal planted walstad cookie jar to be later populated with some shrimp. I'm looking into all the supplies I will need and I have most of them already...
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    Power To Pump/powerhead Question

    Hello, this year will be my first time trying out a simple backyard pond. I got a 50 gallon container and once all the snow melts completely I will begin the digging/scaping, very excited However, I have a potentially dumb question that I haven't been able to google properly. My 2 ideas for...
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    Guppy Death After Water Change

    Hello, recently my tank went through the nitrogen cycle. it's a 55gal long, it has a fluval 306 canister on it. I use API test kids and they read 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite for about a week, nitrate kept slowly creeping up 1ppm a day from 6 to today it was almost 10ppm, my ph fluctuates between 7...
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    Seachem Flourite Black And Cory Cats?

    Hello, I have my 55gal set up with (amazon link for reference, not the sand kind, the bigger chunkier substrate). When I was washing it it seemed hard and I noticed a few jagged edges. Now laying at the bottom of the tank it doesn't look sharp, my danios like to poke around in it, doesn't seem...
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    Is This Velvet On My Betta?

    Hello, I'm new to the forums. I have looked at many many velvet pictures and in some you can clearly see the small dots of the parasite, but others the fish just shines gold and it's hard for me to tell because this is also my first betta, and while I'm trying my hardest, I'm not very...
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