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  1. BlueLouis

    My new tank!

    It is not ready yet, as I just started cycling today. I bought a ten gallon tank which will be the new home to my two Bettas, Blueberry and King Louis. It is divided and fully decorated. I'm so excited! I meant to get a bigger tank for King Louis in October, but some things came up...
  2. BlueLouis

    I'm Back!

    I joined and disappeared for awhile. Family problems and school and work has kept me very, very busy. But things are starting to settle down now and I have more time to sit and be lazy. It's good to be back!
  3. BlueLouis

    Hi, my name is Allie...

    and I'm addicted to buying Betta fish. I currently have two Bettas: Blueberry and King Louis. I decided to get a Betta because of my boyfriend's mom. She has six or seven of them and after spending months looking at them, I decided to get one too. So I bought Blueberry. He's currently in...
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