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  1. Artemis2

    Goldfish has serious fin damage

    Anyone have any suggestions? I’m struggling on what to do I don’t wanna pull him out of his tank if there isn’t much I can do. Please assist. Thanks
  2. Artemis2

    Goldfish has serious fin damage

    Here is the updated numbers along with a photo of my fishes fins. What is weird is the other one looks perfectly normal. These numbers are a little higher than normal due to the nitrates being high(normally the nitrates will raise to 40 after not being cleaned for 1.5week-2weeks this happens...
  3. Artemis2

    Goldfish has serious fin damage

    Normal: ph:6.8 Ammonia:0 Nitrate:10-20 Nitrites:0 Now: ph:6.8 Ammonia:0 Nitrate:40 Nitrites:0
  4. Artemis2

    Goldfish has serious fin damage

    Hello so I went away from my aquarium for a week, I had an automatic feeder set up with a 50-75%water charge before I left(it is a 30 gallon tank holding 2 goldfish, I’ve done this plenty of times before and they have been perfectly fine before. I also know that this is not an ideal situation...
  5. Artemis2

    30 Gallon Tank Fishie Losing Color

    Hello all just wanted to reach out as this is something I’ve never experienced. I’ve got 2 gold fish one being about 4-5 years old and the other being 2-3 years old they get water changed 3-4 times a week. I know that they are not in the right size tank but this is temporary as a pond is being...
  6. Artemis2

    5 Gallon Tank Passed Away Little Fishie

    hello everyone! Just trying to get some help. My little betta passed away from old age a couple days ago. I’m trying to clean out his tank though so it can be put up for my family’s move that will happen in a few months and than after that get another fish once we are settled in the new house...
  7. Artemis2

    29 Gallon Tank Getting Rid Of Calcium Build Up

    HI I've have Calcium build up on my filter,hood and now on the glass of my tank. How can I get rid of it? Thanks!(the tank currently has fish in it)
  8. Artemis2

    5 Gallon Tank Setting Up A Temporary Tank

    No it doesn’t and is biofilm bad?
  9. Artemis2

    5 Gallon Tank Setting Up A Temporary Tank

    HI I’m setting a 5 gallon tank up for a temporary home to put my LFS fish in for a couple days before transferring the fish into my big tank. But I noticed a filliment kinda thing on the top of the water, what is that and how would I get rid of that I’ve never had that happen before(there are no...
  10. Artemis2

    How Cold Is To Cold

    I figured that was the case thanks!
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