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    Cory Catfish not eating

    Thank you, I appreciate that! I will try and see how that works.
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    Cory Catfish not eating

    Hey Fish People, I have had my tank for about 4 weeks now, but the only fish I have so far are two Corys. I have noticed that they haven't been eating the shrimp sinking pellets I have been putting in the tank. They maybe eat 1/3 and then leave the others. Any ideas why this is? Is there...
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    Red Minor Tetra compatibility

    Hey fellow fish people! I'm new, just started today as a member, but have been using FishLore since I got the idea of starting my first 10gal fish tank a few days ago. I went to the pet store to find some ideas of fish and I found I really wanted 2 Red Minor Tetras, 2 Neon Tetras, 2 High Finned...
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