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  1. MetalMachine

    Need Help Identifying Newly Purchased Fish.

    Hello, I'm new to the hobby and recently started stocking my aquarium. Today I went to my LFS to buy a couple Otocinclus. The shopkeep packed them up for me, and on the receipt it does say they are Otocinclus Affinis. But I returned home with 7 of these. Now once I was home with better...
  2. MetalMachine

    29 Gallon Tank Planted Tank Stocking Question

    Hello I've just started cycling my first tank and planed out my stocking and would appreciate if someone more experienced could look over it and see if it would be alright. I'm mostly concerned if this would be to many algae eaters for a 29 gallon tank. I would also welcome any recommendations...
  3. MetalMachine

    New Planted Tank, Proper Flow And Dead Spots Question

    Hello, I've just setup my first tank, a 30 gallon long (80x35x40cm). Atm I only have a aquaclear 50 for flow and I've noticed that I have a few dead spots where no flow reaches. I've been told that all plants should at least sway a bit so that it's easier for them to get nutrients from the...
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