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  1. Ismene

    So pretty

  2. Ismene

    16 gallon cherry shrimp tank

    They really like Shrimp Fit
  3. Ismene

    Should I add more ammonia?

    So I’ve set up a heavily planted 50 gallon. I had an enormous nitrite spike, nitrates were up to 40ppm. I did a 75% water change yesterday, and let it sit overnight. Today the nitrates are off the chart! My tap water is 5ppm for nitrate. I’m wanting to move some of my fish from a 30 gallon in...
  4. Ismene

    Want To Buy Hornwort

    I’m not looking for much, two or three stems would be enough. They don’t need to be very long, I just want to float them in my betta tank. Thank you!
  5. Ismene

    Walstad bowl journal

    So, actually a bowl and a vase. Still need to clean up the dirt that was displaced when I filled the bowl and vase. This is my first attempt at the Walstad method. No filter, no heater, no CO2. Room temperature is 70 degrees F. Plants in the bowl: Rotala, Pogo. Octopus, Brazilian Pennywort, and...
  6. Ismene

    Pearl Gourami tank mates

    I’m going to get my Pearl Gouramis a bigger house. I’m going with at least a 50 gallon tank. I have 3 Pearls, one male, two females. I’d like to get some tank mates that stay off the bottom. Before I owned them, everything I read made it sound like they’re upper level fish. Mine swim all over...
  7. Ismene

    Sexing Bolivian Ram

    Male or female? I got this little guy/girl last December as a juvenile. Head looks like a male, tail lacks longer red filaments. I just don’t know o_O
  8. Ismene

    Mystery snail shell deterioration

    My snail’s apex has dissolved. I got her at the beginning of July. I don’t think it was this bad when I got her. Thing is, I know my Kh has been 5 or higher. My pH is consistently 7.4. I use remineralized RO water, so I test weekly. Will it grow back? It has been like this for a month. Also...
  9. Ismene

    Can Pearl Gourami live in peace with Amano shrimp?

    If I get some Amano shrimp, will my Pearl Gourami eat them? I have a bunch of snails, I’m just trying to add to my clean up crew. I’m not really looking to add more fish, I’m happy with the balance in my tank. I love my cherry shrimp, but everyone seems to agree that they will become expensive...
  10. Ismene

    Rappelling Mystery Snail

    My Vallisneria is a rope :D
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