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    What is worse? Nitrates or Temperature change.

    Not sure what to do here. It has been so hot around here that I can not get my tap water below 85 degrees. I keep my tank at between 72 - 75 degrees. I have not been able to do water changes because I can not get the water anywhere close to the tank water. My nitrates are building and I need to...
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    Black Brush Algee?

    So I just looked on some of my decorations I noticed all sorts of little black balls of fuzz. Looking around it appears to be black brush algee. I looked around and there is a very wide variety of treatments and I was just wondering if anyone on here had any suggestions that they have actually...
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    An open letter to all members

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum. I am a member of several forums on various topics and this one has them all beat, hands down. Everyone on here is always friendly even when there is a difference of opinion on various topics. No one puts anybody's thoughts or opinions...
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    Quote from wife "are you crazy?"

    So I have now spent $200 on a tank, filter, lid, heater, meds and misc. other things to save a $5 fish. My wife thinks I am nuts. Anyone else think I am crazy? LOL Just had to share and try and find a little humor with this situation.
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    Injured fish

    Update and Question: Injured fish Kind of a good news bad news situation. One of my Tin Foil barbs got scared and tried to jam himself inside a piece of fake driftwood that was to small for him to get out of. He got about half way in and got stuck. Luckily I was home to see it and with a bit of...
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    What conditioner do you use?

    Just curious what water conditioner everyone uses.
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    Wife came home

    So my wife came home to the couple of plates and glass sitting on the counter and a whole bunch of aquarium equipment in the sink. She stood there and stared at me and finally shook her head and walked away. Not sure what was more upsetting to her, the fact I was cleaning aquarium equipment in...
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    What is the funniest thing you have seen your fish do?

    The funniest/strangest thing I have seen my fish do is one of my tin foil barbs will build piles out of the rock substrate. As soon as I knock down the pile he goes around and pick up a couple of rocks at a time an rebuild the pile in the exact location. I have let it go for weeks and it just...
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    Water changes and water conditioner

    Quick and hopefully easy question. I recently got a gravel vac that connects directly to my faucet so I don't have to haul buckets of water. Currently I do about 50% water changes weekly due to both a heavy stock and high nitrate levels in my tap water. Emptying the water is really easy with...
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    Lighting suggestions

    I am thinking about upgrading my lighting from the stock light that came with that tank. Any suggestions for a 36" fixture? I would like more light in the tank with a broader spectrum. My end goal is to be able to have moderate light plants in the tank (46 gallon).
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