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  1. K

    How to make an open bottom fish tank

    Oh my gosh I love it!
  2. K

    orange spots

    I have 2 dalmation mollies ( is lyretails right?), anyways, they both have orange spots on them. Not alot, they each have like 2 and they act healthy but I don't know if they have something or if they just are naturally extra spotted. Any suggestions?
  3. K

    Male female not getting along

    Daughter has 20 gallon with 3 guppies, and we just added 2 dalmation mollies. One is male and one is female ( spotty and dotty). Anyways, the male is kinda mean to the female. He kinda nips at her. Any thoughts?
  4. K

    3 guppies in a 20 gal...

    Kind King, Could I put 2 baby angelfish in with the guppies? In my big tank every body gets along, I think it's because everybody has somebody and I bought the angels big and the barbs little. But the angels are sooooo graceful.
  5. K

    Do you like Reading books?

    I love to read. I like stephen king alot. Anything kinda gory. :;ghost
  6. K

    3 guppies in a 20 gal...

    My "daughter" has a 20 gal w/ 3 guppies we rescued from my 50 gal. It's a cute tank but we would like to add alittle more. Any suggestions? It's somewhat near a window so I think we may get a snail, but other than that we're open to suggestions. In the 50 we have 2 black angels, 10 tiger barbs...
  7. K

    black spot and odd pattern

    How exciting!! Tanks alot. Now I'm gonna go visit your miamI prison site.
  8. Violets_tank


    My daughter Violets 20 gal.
  9. K

    black spot and odd pattern

    I just set up my daughters 20 gal and put 3 guppies from my tank into hers. Everybody is doing well except my male guppy has a weird black spot between his fin back fin ( what's left of it because my tiger barbs were nipping) and his belly. I think it's male because he had a swooshy printed...
  10. K

    Do my Neons behave normal?

    What a great post. I have the same gig. I have 8 neons and they hide in the corner. It's interesting because I have 10 t.barbs and they really don't bother the neons at all. Sometimes they all hang around at the bottom of the tank. I jsut got a 20 gal started for my daughter and I think I am...
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