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  1. Bettatude

    Something Is Ravaging My Bettas! Help!

    Live plants carry diseases, including parasites. I never add anything to my Betta tank unless it's bleached, even live plants that are sold in individual packages, and decor that doesn't come already packaged (you never know if the item was a return). I have used this method for bleaching many...
  2. Bettatude

    Seed New Sponge Filter From An Old One?

    HI Aquaphobia, thanks for your response. I don't squeeze when rinsing in old tank water, monthly (should I do that instead?). I just brush the outside of the sponge with my hand. I only have one stand with the bubbler, so would I just lay the old sponge next to the new one? I should add the...
  3. Bettatude

    Seed New Sponge Filter From An Old One?

    I was wondering how to seed an 11 month old air bubbler hydro sponge filter to a new one for a 10 gallon tank for one Betta. The sponge filter is looking brownish lately so reason for wanting to change. Maybe cut a piece from the used filter and squeeze between the new one and the stand?
  4. Bettatude

    Is She Interested In Him?

    Well since you stated any advice would be greatly appreciated. There are too many Bettas in the world, already. Too many end up in cups at LFS where they live miserable lives. Some get lucky and find a good home but too many suffer in dirty small cups, sometimes for months then eventually...
  5. Bettatude

    What To Do Now That My Sick Betta Died?

    Doing the rinsing and adding prime three times after bleaching sounds like a good plan. After bleaching you can never rinse and prime too many times. As far as discarding the food and buying new, you don't know if the food was contaminated with your hands, unless you used a spoon for every...
  6. Bettatude

    What To Do Now That My Sick Betta Died?

    I would not keep any filter media from a tank where a sick fish died. As a member said above, bleach the tank - then rinse and fill the tank with water and add prime, then discard the water. Repeat filling the tank and add prime then discard the water. After that you should be good to go. I...
  7. Bettatude

    Phoenix Turned One Year Old

    Aww thanks endlercollector. His little Bettatude makes me smile. He just started flaring, he's a big boy now.
  8. Bettatude

    Summer Weather Is Heating Up My Fish Tanks

    Before removing the tank lids, I would lower the water level in the tanks so no fish will jump out. I don't know about the other fish being jumpers but Bettas definitely jump and they can jump high. You may have to remove the snails to a container with a lid, make sure they have air. I would...
  9. Bettatude

    Fin Rot/ Ripped Fins

    IMO pump filters, and an adjustment valve to control the bubble pressure are best for Bettas. Bettas aren't fans of having a current and the current wreaks havoc on their fins. A minI hydro sponge filter would be great for a 5 gallon. Always keep your filter running. A filter is not a...
  10. Bettatude

    Phoenix Turned One Year Old

    Thanks Kenny He turned a year old just this month and it will be a year since I got him the middle of next month. When I took him to his first vet visit last October, the vet said he was around 3 months old. It's hard to tell but he's a double tail.
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