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  1. KristyGatlin

    Planted Tank Stays Murky

    I've posted about this before but I wanted to see if I could get any new advice as it's been probably 6ish months since the last time I asked about this. I have a 50 gallon tank that is planted. It seems as tho no matter what I do the water has a green tint and is murky/cloudy looking. I...
  2. KristyGatlin

    Still In Research Phase

    I'm officially determined to start my Saltwater tank. However, I am making sure I have a complete understanding of what I'm doing before I start. I have searched everywhere I know to search on FishLore and have not found an exact answer for my question. Google gave me some answers, but we all...
  3. KristyGatlin

    Sump For Dummies (aka Me)

    Does anyone have a link or anything that could post here for me to get to for explaining sump set up.. simply. I'm not the best at navigating FishLore Forums and I am trying to do as much research as I can. I trust FishLore more than I do google at this point
  4. KristyGatlin

    50 Gallon

    Hey guys!! I'm just now getting back into my tanks the way I used to be and I wanted to check my current stock with yall and see what yall think I should add to it, if anything. I have a 50 gal with 2 kissing gourami 2 regular (?) gourami 1 common pleco 1 bolivian ram (all the others keep...
  5. KristyGatlin

    Showing Odd Stress After Water Change

    Hey guys! it's be a WHILE since I've been on here. I just have a few questions about what's happening in my 35 gal tank.. nothing major just curious as to yalls thoughts. -- And I already know I'll be chastised as soon as I start my story.. And yes I'm already rolling my eyes. Just kidding...
  6. KristyGatlin

    Ridding white Angelfish eggs

    Hey guys. My angelfish have laid eggs for the second time. The last batch wound up completely overtaken by fungus eggs. This time so far we have only a few white eggs. How do I rid of these white eggs without disturbing the remaining eggs? Any ideas? I'm in no position to put them in their own...
  7. KristyGatlin

    Constantly murky water

    Hey guys! New problem for me here, our water is constantly murky in my 50 gal. Current stock : 2 kissing gouramI 1 platy 1 Mickey Mouse platy 1 common pleco (trying to rehome STILL) 2 Molly 1 balloon belly Molly 4 Bolivian Ram 1 neon glo tetra (about to move to 35 gal) I believe that's...
  8. KristyGatlin

    Tiger barbs mouth

    I've had 3 tiger barbs die. Their mouths seem to get stuck open? It's not affecting any of my other community so far, but I have 2-3 more with their mouth stuck open now.. Not sure bc they still swim so quickly. Anyone have any idea what the heck is going on
  9. KristyGatlin

    4 Bolivian ram and 6 tiger barb?

    Can anyone give me a head up on this? I have researched on my own but for some reason when I look it up on my own I just go in circles and can't even give myself a solid yes or no.
  10. KristyGatlin

    What's this thing on my fish?

    I have a kissing gouramI and he has a spot on his face. I can't tell if it's normal or not. Should I move him to QT?
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