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  1. Fishlover83

    Aquatech or tetra whisper

    I'm currently running a aquatech 30-60 in my 46 gallon tank. It is starting to want to overflow and is kinda getting loud. It was a hand me down that came with my tank which was given to me. So no big deal that I am having to replace it. I am saving up for a nice canister filter but I need to...
  2. Fishlover83

    Stocking Opinions

    I just upgraded to a 46 bow front from a 29 gallon setup. I currently have 2 angelfish, 6 harlequin rasboras, 8 cory cats, a clown pleco, and 2 horned nitrate. I also have driftwood and a anubias attached to a rock. Besides uping my rasboras a little, I'm looking for another new fun addition to...
  3. Fishlover83

    Cory With White Spot

    I recently switched from a 29 gallon to a 46 gallon. I have a cory that came up with a white spot on his head the next day. I may of possibly hurt him netting him for the move. Not sure. Any suggestions as to what this is and treatment would be appreciated. He is in quarantine now, just in case.
  4. Fishlover83

    To Much Filtration?

    This was suggested to me, I have a 46 gallon bow front. I'm stocked with 2 angels, 6 harlequin rasbors, 6 corys, 1 clown pleco, and 2 nitrate snails currently. Also a live anubias plant attached to a rock. I'll be adding more live plants eventually. I'm running a aquatech 30-60 and a aqueon 30...
  5. Fishlover83


    Tomorrow I am getting a 46 gallon tank and stand from a friend for free. Only downfall is it has 3 roseline sharks and 3 glofish. I currently have 2 half dollar size angelfish, 6 harlequin rasboras, 6 corys, clown pleco, and 2 horned nitrate snails in a 29 gallon. So you can see why I'm looking...
  6. Fishlover83

    My New Beautiful Black Angelfish

    Just showing off my new baby. It's pretty hard to find a black angel where I live. I was pretty excited when my lfs had one. I grabbed him/her up quick
  7. Fishlover83

    Api Freshwater Master Test Kit

    When I test my nitrates the color is different when I hold it to the color sample than when I just look at it. When I just look at the tube it looks orange and up against the card it looks reddish. You can see on the card where it spilled its more orange. Help me, this is my battle and it drives...
  8. Fishlover83

    Cory Eggs?

    I just recently added driftwood to my aquarium then last night I added my first anubias plant attached to a rock. I have had 6 corys in my tank got a few months now. I woke up feed my fish and got ready for a work meeting. Came home 4 hours later and there are eggs on my new plant. Are these...
  9. Fishlover83

    Changing From Gravel To Sand?

    I am debating on changing from gravel to sand. I love the way it looks, plus I know mt cory cats would appricate it. Any help and pointers would be appreciated. Ive been checking out some YouTube videos, but still leery. Also would my aqueon filter be ok for this?
  10. Fishlover83

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking My 29 Gallon Tank

    I recently got back into having a larger tank again. I currently have 3 cories, 8 harlequin rasboras, 6 zebra danios, a male betta, and a clown pleco. I am wanting to add one more school or one fish that is standoutish. Any thoughts would be appricated.
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