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    can anyone help

    anybody know what kind of fish this guy is???  I know hes a White Tip somthing, docile little fella, great colors too! ^^Rusty came out to say hI to fishlore!! he wasn't doing to well at the fishstore I saw him in so I took him home for 5 bucks and now hes doin great! thanks in...
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    Whats your favorite fish???

    Whats your favorite fish you own and why? Marine - I would have to say the Lunar Wrasse, his colors range from deep blues to bright pinks, he is also a very social fish, as soon as the lights go on he comes out from behind his peice of live rock and begins swiming all around the tank. My...
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    Unknown Species

    I just purchased a fish yesterday, I forgot what the owner of the store said it was but it looks like a Texas Chiclid, its colors are much more darker, could someone help, Ill get a picture if needed!
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    new here

    Hi! I just signed up because this forum is a lot better then the other one I signed up for! I keep a lot of fish, I started 8 years ago with a 25 gallon tank with some gupies and other livebreaders, now I have a 55 gallon odd ball tank, 125 gallon cichlid, and a 40 gallon marine tank. Now I...
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