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  1. Adam55

    Ghost Shrimp Acclimation?

    Very sound. The bag water you removed just went down the drain, right? It's not in the tank? Love the MM platy, by the way.
  2. Adam55

    Too much algae?

    I'm sure the algae eaters do love it, but keep in mind that algae eaters gorging themselves just feeds the cycle. They'll produce more waste and possibly more algae. I'd try and determine the source of the algae; but no, I don't think it's necessarily too much. On its own, algae is usually...
  3. Adam55

    Nitrate/multiple deaths

    It'd have to be a pretty elevated nitrate level, and it really should have been taken care of by the large WC. How high was the nitrate reading? That's a really big WC. Was the water integrity consistent before and after the change?
  4. Adam55

    Fish tank cycling need help please!!!!

    10 is pretty tight for a BN. Plecos are waste factories. That might be one issue.
  5. Adam55

    How Much Aquarium Ornamentation?

    HI Ryan. Welcome to FL. It can sort of depend on your stock. Some fish like wide open spaces for swimming. Some are timid and like to have places to hide, especially if they are in a tank with more aggressive breeds (fish generally won't bother what they can't see). All things equal, I like a...
  6. Adam55

    Converting a few aquarium to sw

    1. Yes. 2. Yeeeeeeeeessssssss. 3. Yes, when you do water changes. You'd use an instrument called a hydrometer to determine how much salt you need to add. The hydrometer measures how much salt is in the water. Also, seahorses are pretty tricky to keep. And expensive to buy.
  7. Adam55

    Help Please! Advice on Cleaning the Back Wall of the Freshwater Aquarium

    Diatom algae, maybe. It's a little hard to tell. How long do you leave the light on daily and how much do you feed? Can you give us your nitrate reading? And yeah, plecos are waste factories. They're messy. That does appear to be a common, so he will outgrow that tank in a hurry. And he'll make...
  8. Adam55

    Major catastrophe

    I'm sorry to hear that, but I would not be so quick to blame yourself for the tetras dying. You may want to round out your stock with some more of what you already have.
  9. Adam55

    clown goby(s) in a 10 gallon tank?

    Sure. Gobies are barely over an inch at maturity.
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