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    prego molly

    my mollies have babys all the time I just leave them alone and the fry seem always be ok. keep lots of plants and places for them to hide.
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    pearl gourmai help

    ya I am leary about it too but I thought it would be safe to ask first and hear some members thoughts thanks Meenu.
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    pearl gourmai help

    I have two pearls that are of a good size that I want to move. Does anyone know if they would hold there own with some small electric yellow ciclids?
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    clown knife

    mine just ate some frozen blood worm I am trying to mix the food up so the feeders can be more of a treat.
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    clown knife

    thanks Jaysee
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    Dwarf Gourami survival???

    it took a couple trys but I did finally get some good healthy ones that are a lovely addition to my community tank.
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    clown knife

    thanks brian.
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    Glass Catfish

    they will be fine I am sure, angelfish are territorial so as long as they have there own space should be ok
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