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  1. Plants and silica sand

    I use Seachem Flourish Tabs. They seem to work well.
  2. Plants and silica sand

    I have been for 3 years successfully. I use fertilizer tabs and I dose. Just went to CO2 recently but most plants were fine in the silica before that.
  3. Little hitchiker

    I am hoping goby. Thanks!
  4. Little hitchiker

    This little guy came in a bag of ghost shrimp. Very thin, about 2 inches long. Seems to walk along.
  5. What Type Of Crab Is This?

    Thanks Zeeth.
  6. What Type Of Crab Is This?

    Yes. It is freshwater. It was a hitchhike from the LFS.
  7. What Type Of Crab Is This?

    Hello all, Can someone tell what kind of crab this is? Thanks
  8. Gbr Or Bolivian Rams?

    I have a 75 gal and have a pair of Bolivians and a pair of GBR's. Your current stock is similar to what I have in type of fish. I have more quantities than what you are planning and have no issues. The tank is moderately planted and I have about 4x recommended filtration. I also do 50%...
  9. African Cichild Id

  10. African Cichild Id

    Hello all, does anyone know what African Cichild this is? The pink one. Thanks
  11. What Kind Of Shrimp Is This?

    That looks exactly like an Amano I bought recently. At least that is what the LFS sold it to me as. He is very active. I always see him cruising around tank.
  12. Colorblind So Need Help With Water Testing

    I think you just need to wait. It looks like you have high ammonia reading and no nitrites or nitrate. This is probably the first stage of your cycle and you can expect nitrites to go up next and ammonia to go down. The one concern is that you do have fish in the tank which may be harmed by...
  13. Water Parameters After A Move.

    Tap water readings... Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 PH 7.8
  14. Water Parameters After A Move.

    Hello all, I had an opportunity to obtain a 125 gallon tank with 12 African cichlids and 2 plecos. The tank was 1-1/2 hours away so needless to say it was totally empty when moved today. All the fish survived the journey and are now in the set up tank. I was able to transport about about...
  15. Can Someone Give Me A Direct Answer On What To Feed?

    I feed my Crayfish algae wafers and shrimp pellets. Occasionally I will give him omega one frozen community blend. I also see him eating flakes, brine shrimp and bloodworms. My GBR’s were picky at first. They always ate frozen brine. They also love fluval bug bites. Eventually they...
  16. Bamboo Shrimp Photos Only

    The three amigos.
  17. Crayfish - Crawfish Photos Only

    Here is Bubba.

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