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  1. Haps or Tropheus

    I am setting up a 75 gallon tank this summer and was planning on doing an african one. At first I was thinking a colony of Tropheus Moorii Kantalambe, but now I'm indicisive. If it was your tank would you do Haps or Tropheus??
  2. 46 Gallon SA Stocking

    Okay, I'm getting ready to redo my 46 gallon bowfront and here's what I was thinking; 4 Apistogramma Paucisquamis 15 Paracheirodon simulans (Green Neon Tetra) 3-5 Long Nose Angelfish (Pterophyllum leopoldi- Grow to 2-3 Inches) I was looking into a Rio Negro biotope, but I'm open to any SA...
  3. 46 Gallon Restocking

    Okay, I've been very busy with school and everything so I've kinda neglected my tanks and am now looking at revamping them one by one. This is my current 46 gallon. 4 Madagascar Rainbows 1 Juvenile Severum 1 SAE 2 Farowella Its planted and I plan on adding more; 7 Java Ferns ( Every...
  4. Wierdest fish ever

    I was just researching south american dwarf cichlids, when i found this article. Just thought I'd share it. ( Another fish on my wishlist)
  5. 46 Gallon Bowfront

    Just wanted to show updated pics. The two Farlowella I got today. I have another piece of driftwood that I'm waiting on it to get waterlogged. I'll post updated pics once I get the driftwood in, let the plants grow out and get the 4 Apistos. P.S. Sorry I couldn't get a good pic of the Sev.
  6. Redoing 46

    Okay, I'm redoing my 46 gallon tank for what I hope the last time. I'm planning on doing mostly south american cichlid set-up and heres what i was thinking. 1 Turquoise Severum 5 Madagascar Rainbows 1 Laetacara Dorsigera 1 Blue Acara 2 Keyhole Cichlids 2 SAE Th...
  7. 10 Gallon Stocking

    Okay, so here's the deal; my mom is upgrading our ten gallon goldfish tank and either my sister or I get it and if my sister gets it I get here 5 gallon tank. If not I get the 10 and 5. And then my other sister is getting rid of here 10 gallon and I get it. So I either get a 5 and a 10, two...
  8. Adding fish to 46 Gallon

    I have a 46 gallon tank with 4 Madagascar and 7 McCullochi Rainbows, 2 SAE and I recently added a 1 inch Severum who has amazing patterns and I'm looking for another small cichlid to add. I was thinking a single Firemouth and maybe 2 Kribensis's. What do you guy's think?
  9. 40 Gallon Tang Tank

    This summer I'm building a 40 gallon tank 48x12x16. I'm planning on making it a rockdweller community if possible. Stocking wise I was thinking; 2 Altolamprologus Calvus 4 Neolamprologus Leluepi 2 Julidochromis Marleiri 2 Telmatochromis Brichardi What do you guys think??
  10. DIY Filter

    This summer i am building a 60 gallon tank made out of plywood and glass. For the filter i was thinking about intergrating it into the back of the hood im going to make out of wood. Basically i was thinking of having a pump (box on the left) pull water up a tube into a long plastic bin. The...
  11. Bottom dweller for 46

    I have a 46 gallon bowfront with the following 4 Madagascar Rainbows 7 McCulloch Rainbows 3 Mono Sebae 2 SAE As of now i add a 1/2 teaspoon for every 5 gallons for the monos, and i'm going to take them back once they get over 3 inches for smaller ones. Looking at getting...
  12. Plants for Multi 10 gallon tank

    I am currently starting up a 10 gallon multi tank. (Neolamprologus multifasciatus) I am looking for a floating plant, preferably a different color than green. Any ideas??
  13. 10 Gallon; Real Stumped

    New ten gallon tank. Got it for 4 dollars. Has a aquaclear 20, sand substrate. So here's the two ideas I have that I have come around to. 3 Lamprologus meleagris OR 3 Honey blue-eye, 3 Paska's Blue-eye, 7 Dwarf pencilfish, 1 Hara Jerdoni Any help on which one I should go with?? I'm...
  14. Gourami Stocking in 10 Gallon

    Hello. Ihave a 10 gallon tank thats empty. Could i get 3 Chocolate gouramis with 7 Dwarf Pencilfish and a Hara Jerdoni??
  15. Small peacful Apisto's

    I am starting up a 10 gallon communtiy tank and am looking fo some small apisto's. The one's that i've seen that i like are; Apistogramma sp. "Steel Blue" Apistogramma borellii Apistogramma geisleri Apistogramma sp. "Putumayo" Apistogramma paucisquamis...
  16. New 10 Gallon; Got for 4 Dollars

    I wa at my LFS today to get some more fish for my 46 gallon, when they had a used 10 gallon tank, perfect condition for 4 DOLLARS. So anyway i got it and i just need some help on stocking heres what i have; 2 Apistogramma nijsseni or Dario Dario 2 or 3 Hara Jerdoni And then a...
  17. Cracked old tank

    Hello, It appears i have MTS. I just wanted to know if there's any way that i could fix my old 5.5 gallon tank that we used for an African Clawed frog, because it has cracks down the back. I have been using duct tape to seal it up and am using it as a hospital tank (P.S. duct tape fixes...
  18. My Tanks(i don't even know how many)

    This is of my little bro's (my old one), and the family's which is a goldfish.
  19. How Bad?????

    I've had a 10 gallon hex running for 5 years, with a penguin filter on it and just wanted to know how badlly overstocked it was. I do a water change maybe once every two months and have never had a problem. 3 Black Skirt Tetras 3 Black Neon tetras 2 Serpae Tetras 2 Neon tetras
  20. Rainbows with Monos

    I went to the store yesterday and fell in love with these Mono Sebaes. My tank is now at: 3 Madagascars 5 McCullochi 2 SAE 3 Mono Sabae Would this set up work: 4 Madagascars 7 McCullochi 2 SAE 3 Mono Sebae 3 Mono Argentus...

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