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  1. Important Dwarf Gourami Fat, Slightly Raised Scales, And Trouble Swimming

    I have a 29 gallon tank with a dwarf gourami, a Bolivian ram, 7 neon tetras, and 1 endler. The tank has been running for about 3 years, in the past year I had 3 guppies, 3 plays and 2 neons die but I think its due to age not a disease. Also in the past couple of months, I've noticed my Dwarf...
  2. Question Can I Keep Neon Tetras At 78f?

    My 29 gallon tank currently has 8 neon tetras, 1 Endler, 1 Dwarf Gourami, And 1 Bolivian Ram. I live in Arizona and if I don't use an aquarium fan to cool down the aquarium water, it will get to 78F, but using the aquarium fan makes the tank lose water really fast and creates an aggressive...
  3. Does It Matter How Much Water Is In The Aquarium For A Water Test?

    So I wanted to know my parameters before doing a water change but I accedentally drained about 40-50% of the water before getting the water samples. So my question is, does it matter how much water is left in the tank to get accurate parameters i.e. does the tank have to be full, or is it ok if...
  4. Will The Fish Be Ok If I Leave Them For 3 Days?

    I will be leaving for 2-3 days and was wondering if it is ok to leave the fish without food for that period? Should I feed them a little extra the night before I leave?
  5. Aquarium Smells Bad

    My aquarium has been set up for about a year now, the last addition of fish was about 4-5 months ago. These couple of weeks I've started to notice a fishy smell, it gets less smelly after a water change but then becomes stronger as the week goes by... What should I do and what is causing it?
  6. More Plants, Less Water Changes?

    I have a 29 gallon cycled aquarium with no plants at all. I change about 25%-30% of the water weekly. I was wondering if buying some plants would increase the water change interval (Maybe once every two weeks) because I have a $30 Petsmart gift card and figured the best thing would be to buy...
  7. Neon Tetras Not Very Active

    So I've had my 8 neon tetras for about 6 months now but they are not very active like I've seen in videos. They just seem to all hang out at the same place and barely move. The aquarium is cycled, and the temperature ranges from 71F to 74F...
  8. Do You Add Dechlorinator Before Or After Adding Water?

    When I do water changes I add the dechlorinator after I've added the new water, is this ok? Or should I add the full dose before adding the new water?
  9. Dwarf Gourami's "whiskers" Cut In Half?

    I bought a dwarf gourami about a month ago and one of its "whiskers" (Not sure what they are called) has been cut in half. Why is that? Will it grow back? And does it harm the fish?
  10. Grandpa Overfed Fish, Help?

    So I went on a trip today, my grandpa stayed home, when I came back he said he fed them 3 times that day (I normally feed 2x a day, small amounts), the water was also whitish, I think he put a lot of food in there. There doesn't seem to be anything on the gravel although the fish might have...
  11. Condensation Inside Heater Ok?

    I have a Marineland Precision Submersible heater inside my tank and I think I see some condensation inside the glass part. Is that normal?
  12. Ick Not Going Away?

    So I raised the temperature of my aquarium to 84-86F about 4-5 days ago when some of my fish started having white spots. Today is either the 4th or 5th day and there are still some fish with white spots on them. I've heard that ick goes away within 2-3 days after starting the heat treatment...
  13. Neon Tetras In 86f Water?

    So I think my platies and guppies have ick and members here said that the heat method is better than medication. The problem is that I have neon tetras in the tank and my current temperature is 74F, would they be harmed if I raise the temperature to 86F for two weeks? Should I use meds instead?
  14. Platies Laying On Bottom With Clamped Fins???

    A couple of days ago, I noticed that one of my 3 platies was hiding and laying on the bottom with clamped fins, at first I thought it was because he was getting chased by the other platies, but, today all of the platies were laying on the bottom with clamped fins and motionless. What is the...
  15. Might Have Ick, Help

    So I bought new fish (A dwarf gourami and bolivian ram) about 2 weeks ago and introduced them to my aquarium without quarantine. About 2 days ago I started noticing that one of my platys is always at the bottom with clamped fins a barely moving (Almost looks dead). I thought it was because of...
  16. Brown Algae?

    I've been noticing brown spots on the glass of my aquarium, I would wipe them down when I do water changes but they seem to always come back, I was looking at the tank today and noticed a lot on the glass under the substrate. Is this brown algae? And how can I get rid of it?
  17. Dwarf Gourami Faded Colors?

    I bought a DG yesterday but its color is not very vibrant like I see in a lot of pictures, I've even seen better looking Dwarf Gouramis at Petsmart. This is the vibrancy I am talking about:
  18. Julii Cory Temperature?

    What temperature should Julii corys be kept at? My water's temperature is 74F, would that be fine for them?
  19. How Much Of A Temperature Incompatibility Can Fish Tolerate?

    Can fish be ok with a huge temperature incompatibility for 2 weeks? I live in a hot climate and temperatures get up to 82F, I have my aquarium fan on my main tank but I will be getting new fish and so I need to set up a quarantine tank with no fan meaning that its water temperature will probably...
  20. Should I Get A Dwarf Gourami?

    This is the stocking I would like to have in my 29 gallon aquarium: 1 x Dwarf Gourami/2 x honey gouramis 1 x Bolivian Ram 1x Feeder Guppy 8 x Julii Cory 3 x Guppy 3 x Platy 8 x Neon Tetras I know it says either 1 dwarf OR 2 honey gouramis, I wanted to get the 2 honeys instead of a dwarf, but...

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