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  1. Betta Tank Mates?

    I tried a Betta once in my 33 gallon together with 20 cardinal tetra. Went fine for a couple of weeks... After that almost all my cardinal died within a week (missing body pieces so not due to illness). Never saw my Betta being aggressive to them...but am sure it was him. Corries do not attack tetra...
  2. Is This A Male Or Female Angelfish?

    Thanks for the i know already something more to watch for.
  3. What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    Usually i know already what i want and how it looks like. In most cases even will look up how to tell the difference between male and female. But this time it was a spurr of the moment thing since it was the first time in i saw them there...
  4. Is This A Male Or Female Angelfish?

    Or is he/she still too small to determine?
  5. What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    Thanks all!
  6. Please Help Me Read Test Results? Maybe I’m Colorblind? Please Help Me Read Test Results?

    I sometimes look into the vile when putting it on top of the test paper... shifting it over the colours and looking for where the difference is the least. Always use daylight though...artificial light makes it more difficult to compare.
  7. What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    Am hoping someone can help me out identifying it: store was using some kind of “mini gourami” name, but do not seem to find it when googling.
  8. Sexing My GBRs (as well)

    Too hard to tell from those pictures for me. Female, once old enough, would show a pinkish belly and i do not see that in any of your pics. Added two pics of a male and a female. Male is swimming to the left Typical ways to spot the difference is the tip of the dorcal fin that is much longer...
  9. What heater does everyone use?

    Hope you have a spare one. I kept the original heater that came with my tank as a back-up. From time to time i still use it when i need to setup a quarantine tank (so know it still works). Also came in handy when we moved a few months ago. Could setup a temporary tank in my old place...
  10. What heater does everyone use?

    Also no idea living in Belgium.
  11. What heater does everyone use?

    Fluval E series here. 3 years with no issues at all. Has digital display that tells the temp. and also changes colour when it is below or above the set temperature (red- green - blue). Also informs you when the water flow is not sufficient (near it).
  12. German Blue Rams

    Another one of the male
  13. German Blue Rams

    Here are pictures of a male and a female. Female has pink belly, fluorescent dots in that black spot on their side (under their dorsal fin), and the front of their dorsal fin (black part) is less long compared to males (with males they stick out like a lot more) Last one is not really visible...
  14. Questions...Cory/Tank

    It IS overstocked! For sure a pair of Angels need a lot more room in a month or two. Also...having the Betta and all others (except for maybe the corys) is not a good idea. They will fight to one dies sooner or later Only a few succeed in having a betta in a community tank. I tried! Now...
  15. Mr. Wimbles has Perished!

    oooh....sorry to hear that. If i give my fish frozen food i put the cube in water test tube first (that contains tank water) and put it on my hood for a while (so the lamps help to defrost it). But I also had deaths in my tank for no apparent reason. Just keep a close eye on all others...
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    IMG 0847

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    IMG 0859

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    IMG 0863

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