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  1. What projects do you have planned for the future?

    One thing I'm definitely doing when I build my house- build in a huge tank to use as a room divider!! Maybe between the kitchen and dining room or something cool like that. I also think it would be awesome to have a tank that shows up underneath the kitchen cabinets and have an arowana in it so...
  2. Worst purchase you've ever seen being made at an LFS/LPS?

    Probably all my purchases! That is, if other people were being nosy and looking at what I was buying. So many times I've walked out of there with some interesting combinations... a big pleco and a 10 gallon tank, some big silver dollars and tons of live plants, super mean cichlids with...
  3. I don't like that fish!

    I've never admitted to not liking a fish before I don't like gold fish at all!! At least not when they have fancy fins, real fat bodies, bulging eyes, etc. LOL I feel bad saying it but geez I just don't like them. Cory cats... I tried so much to like them and owned some but they never really...
  4. Water sign

    I'm an Aquarius!
  5. marital status thread

    Sadly I'm single I haven't had any luck at all with love... guess I'm still young though Ohh and I remember a/s/l... brings back good memories
  6. Rant!

    I can't believe someone could just say "oh well" to an animal dying
  7. The Gender Thread!

    Female I think it's pretty obvious
  8. The Age Thread!

    I'm 19 ^^ haven't started college yet though... sure not in a hurry
  9. Glass Tops--Plastic Hood--Open Top

    Glass is the best! It doesn't get as nasty over time as plastic does. Easy to take the top off, put in a tub to be rinsed off and scrubbed with a glass cleaner. I also like open tops or partially open tops but they're not my favorite because water evaporates so fast.
  10. Tank Stands/Time to Clean!

    Good idea!! I experience an avalanche whenever I try to look for something in a stand lol... also they're very dusty. I love the idea of cleaning them out once a year.
  11. Funny Does anyone here have a dry towel?

    Nope all mine are soaked with fish tank water too lol! Each time I do laundry I end up with all the towels used up again... even my nice "good" towels have become fish tank towels! Also I may or may not have stolen some towels from my parents' bathroom LOL can never have enough
  12. So I Was Thinking... Fishlore Mansion?

    I'd be in! I'd require my bedroom to also be filled with fish tanks though Also I second the barn... I'd have to bring my horses with me!
  13. What is the most quiet air pump on the market?

    I think the Whisper pumps... and they work really well too I have two of them running air in 14 tanks
  14. Flashy Pony!

    I love him!!! He's so beautiful! I drool over drafts... I've always wanted one. I'm small at 5'0 though so I'm not allowed lol, but today I test rode a draft pony (though technically horse-sized) and pretty sure I'm going to get her.
  15. How do water clearers work?

    Yeah they're supposed to clump particles together, but I tried using them when I was new and they never did anything at all
  16. Tank price theory

    55 gallon for 550? I got my 180g with filters, tops, etc for $500! Other good deal I got was a 90 gallon with filters, heaters, and all that plus tons of live plants for $100 and both tanks came with nice stands too So if you don't mind used definitely keep an eye on classifieds
  17. Anyone ever do a Blender aquarium?

    I have a blender that doesn't work anymore... oh no just can't think of any creatures that could be put into it... plants definitely could be put in though
  18. Baby Mystery Snails for Christmas: Purple & Magenta

    1. Makena95'GT 2. LyleB 3. totes 4. slashgash 5. TheFishAddict 6. orangeclumsy1 7. AquaPeanut 8. JessiNoel 9. QQQUUUUAADDD 10. Tigress Hill 11. Reef-dweller 12. Kailyn 13. Porkozone 14. JustKeepSwimming 15. AnthonyC4C 16. foxhill2 17. Bumblebat 18. Donnerjay 19. freshpuffer 20. Featherfin Yay I...
  19. Invisible silver dollars

    They're probably scared of the food lol, it took my silver dollars weeks to eat anything. They were especially scared of the lettuce which took them a couple weeks to get brave enough to approach. I feed mine mainly bloodworms and beef heart which is their favorite. Once they become braver...
  20. Silver Dollars

    They're not brackish I'd never put salt in my SD tank!

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