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  1. Important I am back and feeling OK

    Well folks I am up and back on my feet for awhile. Getting this thing installed in my chest has left me a little weak for some time. I am slowly getting back in the swing of things and need to let everyone know that I am still kicken around. I WANT TO THANKEACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU FROM THE...
  2. sick cory?

    First lower the temp to 72 cories are not as tropical as most think. Do real water changes not 1 gal at a time do 3-5 at a time. I o my cories every 3 days min 3 gal most times 5. All mine are in 10 gal. tanks.
  3. Blood Worms Feeding Frenzy

    Blood worms are a misquito larvae so are loved by all fishes I know
  4. Question about decapsulated brine shrimp

    I gave up hatching brine shrimp and now use decapped eggs there great. I kn ow guys who decap before hatching and also others that feed the decap. I feed decapped easier no mess no hassle. LOVE EM
  5. Bristlenose Pleco

    I breed my dwarf BN in 10 gallon tanks if this is any help.
  6. Question job

    I started selling my fish online 6 years ago. I have 138 tanks mostly cories. I sell at auction sites such as aquabid and foroum site like this. I have not set up a website etc. because I have a reguler job also. I sell about 300 $ worth of fish a week on average. If you work out the cost per...
  7. Question ordering fish

    I havent bought a fish or fishes from other than private breeders for over 10 years. I supply fish to the local stores but would never buy fish there. They know they cant get fish I want they dont have access to them or there price is out the window. I buy online and have them shipped from as...
  8. Is my tank too small for cories?

    Not all cories are true bottom dwellers. Pygmaseus and hastus will spend time in mid water etc. also they are the pygmys.
  9. who breeds guppies?

    Breed guppies for 30 years. Now concetrating on a double sword variety.
  10. Will assassin snail assassinate pond snails?

    Yes they will eat them but they will also go the easy route if you let them and eat flake etc. Once used to a regular diet they sometimes are hard to get back down to business.
  11. albino cory max growth

    Albino aeneus I have several older 12+ years that are very close to 4 inches. I recently lost 1 of my original albino paleateus that was 4 inches +. I keep my cories cooler 72 degrees this lets them last longer and grow. I have many cories over 10 years old.
  12. Pushy PetSmart salesman

    When I go in those places aND LOOk around some sales person will say can I help you I always respond with NO but since I have more tanks than you maybe I can help you.
  13. WTB Assassin Snails

    I will take a count how many are each of you looking for. I use them in my cory tanks to keep the snails down.
  14. Cory Cat Weirdness

    Looks like some of the bronze/green markings of the original color.
  15. 20 Gallon Tank What do you do when the power goes out?

    Fire Up The Generator
  16. Aquabid-I'm so Annoyed

    My pleasure BB njoy and thank you very much.
  17. Aquabid-I'm so Annoyed

    Getting older mind slipping a great deal lately. LOL I just hope all goes well with them since it has been so documented. LOL
  18. Aquabid Seller-Should I Be Concerned

    The same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago except in reverse. I was rushed to the Hospital [Stent collapse in my heart]. I was there 3 days and 2 of my auctions ended. I WAS THE 1 LATE IN RESPONDING since they were my auctions. Sometimes its out of our control.
  19. corys and snails

    Just get some sinking omnivoire pellets or wafers from hikarei other wafers pellets will do also..
  20. Question Are there cories that only grow to one inch?

    Even the pygmys get 1 1/4 -1 1/2 most times but they are worth getting. Also many good looking aspidoras a cory cousin that stays small. Some an jnch big.

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