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  1. Loach Got Stuck

    If she were human I would say ruptured blood vessels (Nothing to worry about as far as I know) not sure if it's the same for fish though. I know some diseases have red spots as symptoms as well, not trying to scare you.
  2. Question How Is This Not Overstocked ???

    Just repeating what I said earlier in case you didn't see theETank There are some fish there that I wouldn't recommend putting with other fish though, ex. the pea puffer
  3. Question How Is This Not Overstocked ???

    My logic might be flawed but I figure you could drop the numbers on the school and still have space for some other fish within it's temperature compatibility range. You seem to be doing fine though, I have seen a lot worse than what you have. 2 bleeding heart tetras, 5 albino corys, a few ghost...
  4. Question How Is This Not Overstocked ???

    This would be a good starting point. Stocking List for 10 Gallons
  5. DoubleDutch's tanks and fishies

    What kind of sand do you use? Looks like pool filter sand?
  6. Lchi's 20 gallon: Shell Dwellers!

    LOL yeah I wouldn't use those in a 75, 15-20 gallon would probably be my limit
  7. Lchi's 20 gallon: Shell Dwellers!

    If you are looking to splurge a bit (a lot) then cichlidsandherps has neothauma shells collected from lake Lake Tanganyika () Not quite as flashy as the Escargot shells though.
  8. Ranting! Large Jack Dempsey At Petco

    What is the matinence like on a pond that size? I would assume water changes are still necessary, and obviously you need a filter (right?)
  9. Can Chlorine Be Airborne? Any Doctors, Chemists Or Biologists? :)

    Wouldn't the water evaporate without the chlorine?
  10. Angel's Planted 40b Build

    If I were you I would drip acclimate, I use a length of airline tubing with several knots it it to slow down the flow (or you could buy one of the drip acclimation kits). Also add a few drops of prime to the bucket to control ammonia levels.
  11. Largest Problem In The Aquaria Hobby Today?

    This is a very interesting discussion, I don't have any issue with colormorphs, as long as they are bred responsibly, but imo the largest problem is the fish that are bred for their deformities, and hybrids. Some of these fish have a shortened lifespan, and have trouble swimming. Dragon scale...
  12. Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    I think you could add more than 0.25ml, I would start out at least 2.4 to 2.5 ml That cave should work.
  13. Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    I used that stuff to cycle my 125 and I will say, its ridiculously strong, 1.25 teaspoons would bring it up to around 2ppm, 2 teaspoons went up to 4ppm. I would start by adding maybe 0.5 or 0.25 teaspoons and see where that gets you.
  14. Yoyos Are Too Aggressive For Tank!

    if you only kept 1 yoyo the aggression would actually get worse. Yoyos are a very active fish and sometimes their playing can be perceived as aggressive behavior. Imo I wouldn't keep these guys in any group less than 8, otherwise they get too nippy.
  15. Lchi's 20 gallon: Shell Dwellers!

    I agree! A video is needed. Yeah, its so I can say (in a super deep Batman voice) "I'm Batman" lol
  16. Tank Suggestions... Other Half Has Caught The Bug...

    Pygmy sunfish, wild type bettas (there are some really interesting ones, I think the 20 -30 gallon is the min size for the largest.) Scarlet Badis, shrimp, crayfish.
  17. Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    I think you mean "Nialll," one "L" for every fish who has had the name.
  18. Lchi's 20 gallon: Shell Dwellers!

    Omg they are so darn cute, congrats! I love their social hierarchy, like, if you don't like your neighbor then spray sand and try to cover/hide their shell
  19. Wild-life photos

    It looks very similar to the douglas squirrel we have around here. And here is a picture of a moth, It had about a 8 inch wingspan so quite large.
  20. Lchi's 20 gallon: Shell Dwellers!

    Looking at the scape it reminds me of the typical "Nobody goes beyond the mountains" movie/book plotline xD It looks really nice though.

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