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  1. 60gallon

    Hey everyone, i have an opportunity to buy a friends used 60 gallon aquarium its the standard size how much should i pay ? And if i purchased it what fish could i stock it with ? I was thinking electric blue jackdempsey, some convicts, and maybe a green terror ? Thanks for all the help
  2. Did my fish lay eggs ???

    Today when i woke up i noticed white balls stuck to the front glass on my aquarium. I assumed they were sand so u took my glass magnet and went over them and they sunk too the bottom where i realized they might be eggs. So my questions are what fish in my aquarium might have laid eggs and what...
  3. Neon tetras and salt

    So i have a 20 gallon tank with some drift wood and live plants, i've been adding aquarium salt... so my question is could i add my 7 neon tetras from my other tank with no aquarium salt ? do they need to be introduced to salt slowly ?
  4. 20 gallon long with bolivian rams

    Hey everyone ! i have a 20 gallon long fish tank (L30in W12in H12in ) and i was wondering if i could add 2 female bolivian rams ? the current stock is 4 otos, 7 neon tetras, 2 anubias plants, and some dwarf hair grass. thanks for the help
  5. New to live plants

    So yesterday I bought my first live plant ! its an anubius i tied it to one of the rocks in my ten gallon betta fish tank. and i was wondering how i could fertilize it and also can live plants grow in sand ? thanks every one
  6. convict tank 40 gallon tall?

    Hey everybody I have a 40 gallon tall aquarium deminsions: hight 24in length 30in with 12in and I was hoping I could put some pink convicts in. I have a bio wheel 350 hob filter, blacksand, a black painted on background and some driftwood I found at a lake the tank is not yet cycled but I'm...
  7. Bamboo in a betta tank

    Sooo i have a 10 gallon aquarium with one male crown tail betta and a african dwarf frog and the tank is almost bare except for one piece of drift wood and sand ! so i was thinking about bamboo i have never had ANY live plants before. My questions: does bamboo need fertilizer ? and does...
  8. First salt water

    So i went to the pet store yesterday to get crickets and saw some gorgeous salt water fish. The tank i have is a 40 gallon tall so my questions... how much would it cost? can i use the tank (its not acrylic) ? what kind of fish could i put in it ? how do i set it up? And finally can i...
  9. flower horn tank

    Hey everybody this is my brothers account he let me have it since no longer has fish... I was at The pet store and saw a flower horn cichlid for sale for 30 dollars and had to have it so I took my bros old 40 gallon tank and set it up and bought the fish. All my question is can the flower horn...
  10. Clay Pots For Fish To Hide In

    i recently bought a 55 and im downgrading from a 75 and i want to put 4 or 5 clay pots in there for my fish to hide in where do i buy them and how do i clean them
  11. diy background info

    how can i make a diy 3d bark aquarium backround
  12. downgrading tank

    im downgrading my 75 to a 55 i have a blood perrot a jack dempsey a convict and a red tailed shark ( my pleco got moved to a pond ) so is the tank big enough ?
  13. plecostomus pond 8ft by 8ft 2 ft deep

    So there is this water trough for cows at my mom's house it's full of Algea and moss it gets freshwater daily ( after cows drink the Bobber refills it ) I think it would b a.good home for my 7 inch plecoustomous that is in my 75 gallon aquarium. Originally he was gonna goto my friends pond with...
  14. 20 gallon long help

    okay so i want to set up my20 gallon long aquarium with calming fish i am planning to add some very fine white san dwith a deep ocean blue background and blue flouresent lights i want to add a few low maintnance plants and some calming slow moving fish
  15. Help feeding south american cichlids

    I have a jack dempsey convict blood perrot red tailed shark and 3 tiger barbs in a 75 gallon ( there used to be more tiger barbs my fish keep eating them ) i feed sundried krill twice a week and tetramin tropical flake food on the other days. What other foods can i feed them ? Please help
  16. Betta help 20 gallon long

    I have a male betta that I've had in a 10 gallon for little over a year and felt bad so I bought a 20 gallon long he is in there now with a baby plecoustomous which will get moved to my 75 then to my friends pond like my other plecoustomous. The tank my betta is in has drift wood from the river...
  17. problems with tiger barbs steeling food

    I had a 75 gallon tank but it cracked so im ordering a knew one in the mean time i put my fish in my 40 gallon tall the stock is five tiger barbs one 2 inch blood parrot a 1.5 inch jack Dempsey 1.5 inch convict and a red tailed shark but im having problems feed hickary gold pellets the tiger...
  18. 10 gallon peacock eel tank

    I have a 10 gallon tank fully cycled has very fine sand has a tree root ornament and live plants and it previously had a Betta is it suitable for a peacock eel
  19. Not sure if it is a convict cichlid or not

    i have a cichlid that looks like a convict cichlid but his fins are very large
  20. 20gallon long

    I need to set up a beginner tank for some one who has very little experience with fish what would be good fish and live plants

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