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  1. First Berried Rcs!

    This is a pretty old thread. That one shrimp became berried many times and dropped every single egg her first several times. I have tons of RCS now and that one shrimp is they only one who has dropped entire clutches (that I’m aware of).
  2. My Fluval Megaflex 32

    Hi! I had been planning to upgrade to a 20 gallon long, but my hubby surprised me with the new Fluval 32gal Flex for Christmas! Yes, he spoiled me. Then, he built a gorgeous stand, following ideas from a stand posted on here and on another site. I used blasting sand from Blaine’s Farm and...
  3. Getting Shrimp Tomorrow In The Mail

    My shrimp (I have a 5 gallon cherry shrimp and a 5 gallon carbon blue rili tank) LOVE the java moss. The babies stay buried in the moss. I’m currently building a 32g tank and will transfer the cherries into it and I might try a different type of moss in it. Java moss IME is very easy to grow. I do keep my...
  4. 5 Gallon Tank Guppies And Shrimp?

    I removed my 4 male Endlers from my RCS tank when they first had babies, just out of caution. Then, I added blue carbon rilis to the tank with the Endlers. I got lucky and bought one rili already pregnant so I was worried they might be eaten, but so far I have 14 babies that are a month old now...
  5. Feeding Rcs Shrimplets

    My RCS LOVE Bacter AE and it only takes a very little bit for your size tank-mine is same size and I have babies everywhere. I ordered mine off EBay.
  6. Fluval Mega Flex?

    I’m trying to convince mine that it’s just easier to get this package deal than piece everything out for the 20long! Does anyone know if the width posted is the base width or is that from the back to the most bowed out portion of the front? Does that make sense?
  7. Fluval Mega Flex?

    Did you buy one? My LFS just posted on FB they have them in stock! I have been obsessing over how to trick out a 20long for my Christmas present and now I saw this! I think I may want this now...
  8. Corner Hmf Or Canister For 20 Long?

    My cherries love to sit in the moss on top of my dw that sits up high near my submersible pump outtake. The flow doesn’t hit them super hard but i know they have to hang on pretty darn tight!
  9. Corner Hmf Or Canister For 20 Long?

    Now I have so much more to think about. Thank you for all the ideas! My fluval spec v is set up with a small submersible pump and I love the ease of use with it so far.
  10. Corner Hmf Or Canister For 20 Long?

    Thanks for all that great info! I guess I don’t have much understanding of the powerhead—and haven’t done much research on that route. The powerhead plus the “quick filter” sounds worth looking into for sure. Are you saying to powerhead would NOT need the jetlifter part?
  11. Corner Hmf Or Canister For 20 Long?

    And can I ask what light you used to grow your plants in your 20 long? I will plan to be low tech and don’t want anything that’s overkill but would like to experiment with plants that like low to moderate light. I’ve had great luck thus far with anubias, Java fern, java Moss, and S repens. I saw...
  12. Corner Hmf Or Canister For 20 Long?

    Nice! Ok I will look into that pump. Do you think purigen will work in a corner hmf? I like it for polishing the water in my tanks with driftwood, and I plan to have dw in this tank as well.
  13. Corner Hmf Or Canister For 20 Long?

    Hi! I *think* I have finally convinced my husband that I need a larger tank. So, I’m hoping for Christmas to get a 20 gallon long since my red cherry population is exploding inside my 5 gallon Fluval spec V. The tank will be planted and host cherry shrimp, hopefully pygmy Cories and probably...
  14. Free Tank :)

  15. Keeping Shrimp In 10 Gallon?

    I love my cherry shrimp! I find them more interesting than the fish! In fact, I did just buy another nano tank to set up for some blue dreams or maybe rilis. I only give a pellet once in awhile—my tank is pretty heavy planted so they stay busy eating biofilm, algae. I do love my male endlers...
  16. First Berried Rcs!

    After 1 month, I finally have a berried RCS! I’m so proud, lol! This shrimp is huge, so much larger than my other, darker reds. I think she is obviously a lower grade, but when I first found shrimp locally, she was one of the few available. When she was first berried a few days ago, she was so...
  17. Can Rcs Lose The Saddle Without Being Berried?

    Thank you!
  18. Can Rcs Lose The Saddle Without Being Berried?

    Thanks. I’ve tried to do my research to understand all of that I just couldn’t find anything about them losing the eggs in their saddle, unless they mated but dropped them—so maybe that’s the only way. Or, how long they will keep a saddle before mating—I read somewhere a person had a shrimp with...
  19. I Have Baby Shrimp!

    So far I’ve only seen two. Hopefully there’s more hiding really well!
  20. Hello! Tank Introduction

    Hi! Pretty tank!

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