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  1. Important I am back and feeling OK

    Well folks I am up and back on my feet for awhile. Getting this thing installed in my chest has left me a little weak for some time. I am slowly getting back in the swing of things and need to let everyone know that I am still kicken around. I WANT TO THANKEACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU FROM THE...
  2. Will Rcs + Crs Crossbreed????????

    Hi folks I have been breeding tropicals for 40 years cories the last 10+ or so mainly. I set up 2 29 gal h and 2 20 gal. h I am going to expand into shrimps. I already have blue and red cherry along with crystal red shrimp all in there own 10 gal. tanks. I know the blue will mix with the cherry...
  3. Some Of My Cory Kittens

    Just some of my kittens getting ready for new homes.
  4. Habrosous cories

    Here are a few pics of Momma Habrosous with a few of her little ones. Not really sure if thats Momma but it is one of the females.
  5. Check Out These Cory Eggs

    I have seen this more than once wasnt sure if everyone else had. The best way to keep a preditor from eating your eggs is to put them where the cant grt them. Look close I know the shot is blurry but those are cory eggs on the snail 5 of them. Erharditi if I spelled that correct is the...
  6. My Poor Wilboar Rip

    I know I havent been a member here long but I need to tell someone and you guys are here for everyone. I gave my wife an american pot bellie pig for xmas of 2001. I thought it was 1 of those little asian pot bellies turns out to be a real pig. Well he had been feeling under the weather the past...
  7. Some Cories I Keep

    A few more of the cories I keep and breed. Also a pic of ASPIDORA ALABATER a cory cousin.
  8. F/s Or Trade Black Cories In Md.

    Hi I have black C. Schultzei cories for sale or trade. They are kittens 1 inch +/- in size breed and tank raised by me. I will ship anywhere in the United States and have been breeding cories since I was a teenager. I currently keep 44 types of cories and there cousins in 138 tanks. $10.00...
  9. Some Pics Of My Fish House

    I was asked to post some pics of my fish house here they are. right now 138 tanks with 44 types of cories and ther cousins.
  10. Some Of My Cories

    Hi I am new here and have been breeding cories for some time here are some pics of some I will post more soon. 138 tanks of cories and there cousins in there own house in the yard.

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