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  1. Otocinclus breeding

    hey everybody, been a while since I've been here. got a question. does anybody have some tips for breeding otocinclus? i just got about 2 of them and I intend on getting about 3 more. Thanks.
  2. Malawi Cichlid Tankmates

    So i have some VERY young Auratus cichlids and some red zebras. what other fish can i keep with them? I have a siamese algae eater in there now. it is a 46 gallon tank. thanks, Jimothy.
  3. Bichir Help

    So I now own a Bichir... Cool. But here's the thing. How do I know if it is eating? He's active at night, and I don't see him, so how do I know if he's eating? Any help is appreciated...
  4. Fishing Themed Tank

    so I am thinking about making a fishing themed tank. I want to have lures hanging from something above the tank(Don't worry, no hooks or lead). but any ideas on what to do to make it a little bit more interesting? thanks, Jimothy.
  5. Favorite Big Fish?

    So I have kept largemouth bass and bluegill in the past, but I wanted to know, what is your Favorite large predator fish that you've kept?
  6. Cloudy Water Won't Go Away!

    So I have had cloudy water in a tank for about three months now, and I can't get the water clear. I thought it was the sand I was using, but I removed that and it's still the same. I have tried everything else I know to do. Even after a 100% water change, still cloudy. (There are no fish in it)...
  7. Cool Aquascape Ideas

    I know I have asked this before(A LOT), but what would be cool aquascape ideas and cool fish to go with the aquascape? I need things like Top swimmers, Mid swimmers, lower swimmers, bottom feeders/clean up crew, and centerpiece fish. Oh, its a 36 Gallon bowfront tank with a planted background I...
  8. Betta Breeding Help

    So I have decided I want to cross Breed my Dragon Scale Betta with a Female Veil tale that I have. I have the tank set up and I have had the male in the tank for about a week, and i put the female in roughly 36 hours ago. The male still hasn't formed a bubble nest. Any help for someone new to...
  9. Cloudy Water Again...

    So I put some of the api brand aquarium water cleaner in my tank, and it didn't work. So I did a water change and when i refilled it, it got cloudy again. ( I have fine gravel for those who didnt see the previous post) what do I do? I want to keep the gravel in my tank, but I cant keep the water...
  10. 36 Gallon Technical Difficulties...

    So I have a very fine white gravel in my aquarium, and I got cloudy water on the first fill up. After a water change the cloudy water was gone. Then I added some fish( i forgot to quarantine like an irresponsible child) and my fish had ick, so I bought some of the tetra brand stuff to cure it...
  11. Angelfish?!?!

    Ok, my black angels are locking lips. Is this mating behavior or territorial fights?
  12. Freshwater Clams?

    I caught some clams today while fishing and threw them in my tank. Anybody know how to keep these? Anything special i have to do to keep them alive? Thanks
  13. Mosquitofish

    Mosquitofish: often overlooked as an aquarium fish. These fish are also known as gambusia, or gambezi. They are a guppy like fish with a schooling/showing mentality. They are livebearers, and are easy to breed. To breed them, follow any guidelines for guppy or platy breeding. This fish are great...
  14. New Tank Aquascape

    Just finished my 36 gallon tank build. What do you guys think? I'm still trying to figure this out, here's another picture I cannot do this right appearantly, but I have one more
  15. Catfish For 36 Gallon

    I am looking for a catfish for a 36 gal, something that looks like a real catfish, you know, like a blue cat or a flathead, not a corie!!! Lol, anyways, I was looking at bumblebees and eclipses, but eclipses get too big, and bumblebees are apparently hard to keep in sight. So what have you...
  16. 36 Gallon Aquascape Substrate

    So my thirty gallon tank is cycling, but I don't have the substrate planned yet. The rest of the aquascape has been planned. No live plants are being used, so what is a realistic substrate that is relatively cheap? I have tan colored gravel in my other tanks, so something different would be...
  17. 36 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    So now my old 36 gallon is empty and is like to restock it. What could i put in it this time?
  18. Bottom Dweller For Cleanup Crew?

    So I got my 55 gallon for ChristmAs early, I cycled it, and now I have my angels in it. I also have zebra danios in there till they might get eaten. What could i do for cleanup crew? Something that stays smaller if possible. Thanks! Merry christmas.
  19. Mosquitofish

    So, I went out today and caught some wild mosquito fish to be quarantined. I thought it would be fun to do a look on them. Also, if you want to explain in the thread that would be cool. I'm kinda bored.
  20. Gourami: Yea Or Nea

    I have a ten gallon with 7 danios. Can I put a dwarf gourami with these bois or no? Will they fight, or what else should I put with them to give the tank some variety? Something vivid plz, it's a black water with a black background.

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