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  1. Need Assistance From Older Fishlorians Refractometer Help

    This is not a traditional fish knowledge question. In the last 2 weeks I have had cataract surgery. I was fortunate to have my lenses replaced with prescription ones that allow for distance as well as close-up vision but it will take a while before I have my final close-up vision. I cannot read...
  2. Substrate Question

    As some of you may know I've been fighting what I think is Dinos in my salt tank. My phosphate was originally .12 and since adding Seachem Phosguard measures 0 and I now only spot feed my fish and corals. stella1979 suggested that my rocks may be leeching phosphate. Although that may be the case...
  3. Kristad's Salt Aquarium

    At stella1979 's suggestion I have started a thread for my 29 gal salt tank. This tank was started in May and moved to its current location in Mid-August. In May I started the tank with diamond blasting sand, live sand and live rock. After cycling I added 2 clowns, an orchid dottyback and a...
  4. Frag Question. On Frag Plug Or Off?

    When do (did) you take your coral frags off the plug and glue them to your own rock? I read old posts on this site as well as other sources and I see pros/cons in leaving on/taking off corals from plugs. Just curious what you have done. TIA
  5. Ai Prime

    Shout out to NART I love this light
  6. If You Win The Lottery...

    For our international folks, you can play too. Tonight is a lottery drawing in the US where one could win 700 million dollars! What is the first Saltwater hobby item you would purchase? I think AI lights and a bigger tank? Anyone?
  7. Setting Up Salt Quarantine

    For those of you who have done this, what tips do you have? Substrate or not? live rock or not? Thanks in advance!
  8. New Zoa

    I couldn't let you have all of the fun so I purchased my first Zoa yesterday! My dottyback is very interested in this new tank mate.
  9. Ro Water Supplements For Salt Tank?

    Are these necessary for a fowlr tank? TIA.
  10. Dwarf Puffer Eggs?

    I found these in the tank and I think these might be puffer eggs. I also have 3 nerites and 2-4 ghost shrimp. I didn't think nerites laid clusters of eggs. 3 puffers are hanging around the eggs as if all 3 are guarding them. Any info would help. Thanks everyone!
  11. Nerites And Dwarf Puffers?

    I have some algae in my heavily planted 10 gallon dwarf puffer tank. My readings are 0,0,0, 20. I have a finnex 24/7 light and fluval mini co2. I added plants on a regular basis and am now done. There is a small amt of spotty green algae on the glass and diatoms on the plants. The dwarf puffers have...
  12. Beware Of Snails

    My German blue rams spawned last night and the male and female had a nice corner love shack full of eggs. As they took turns protecting the area from other fish, my largest mystery snail crawled over and try to lay on the eggs. The rams worked together and pecked the snail until it moved. Fun to...

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