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  1. Bubbles - for and against

    The fish in my 3 gallon quarantine tank were breathing rapidly and kept going up to the surface for breaths. Mind you the last water change was not a full 24 hours ago so it couldn’t have been poor water quality. I put in an air stone to agitate the surface and within ten minutes the fish...
  2. Want To Sell Create Your Own Plant Package W/ Free Fertilizers - Lowtech And Hightech Plants Available

    I’m interested in selecting a pack!
  3. Want To Sell Create Your Own Plant Package W/ Free Fertilizers - Lowtech And Hightech Plants Available

    I have a 20 gallon tank with sand substrate and a t8 fluorescent light. I’m looking for easy and fast growing plants. Not much luck with hornwort or cabomba, they just fall apart and leave a mess in my tank. Looking for Monte Carlo as well. Thanks!
  4. Please tell me I didn’t just ruin my tank

    Ah this happened to me too once. I called it Shrek’s swamp lol. It’ll be okay after a few water changes!
  5. What to do in between quarantine periods?

    I just finished quarantining a pair of snails (drip acclimating as we speak) should I take down the tank and restart it for the next batch of fish I’m adding to the qt today?
  6. Isolating a single schooling fish for treatment?

    Update: I set her free out of pity. She wasn't doing too great in there. She would calm down then freak out randomly. Decided I would treat the whole tank with peas. None of the fish, not even the angelfish (an absolute hog when it comes to food), even touched the peas. Besides the constant...
  7. Isolating a single schooling fish for treatment?

    Okay so she's calmed down significantly. I think it was just a matter of adjustment. I today I'll start feeding peas to see if that solves her swim bladder issues.
  8. Isolating a single schooling fish for treatment?

    Update: I got a net, caught her, and put her in. Considering she's used to speeding around the tank with very little breaks, she's not enjoying confinement at all. She spent all of yesterday and morning bumping against the net and spinning like crazy against the bottom in attempts to escape...
  9. Isolating a single schooling fish for treatment?

    Maybe I could try the net. That sounds way less stressful
  10. Isolating a single schooling fish for treatment?

    I've got a black skirt tetra who seems to have swim bladder issues. My guess is from swallowing too much air when eating. I have since made sure all the flakes sink immediately so they don't have to feed from the surface. Unfortunately, she has only gotten worse. She's bobbing as she swims and...
  11. 20 Gallon Tank Bamboo Shrimp Question

    Yeah I was worried because I know shrimp don't do very well on their own. Yup, I'm aware of that. My dad was the one who managed the tank before me so he added an angel without knowing any better. Hopefully next year I will be upgrading. The tank has been running for as long as I can remember...
  12. 20 Gallon Tank Bamboo Shrimp Question

    Will a single bamboo shrimp socialize and group up with other species such as amanos, ghosts, and cherries and feel secure? If not can I house a pair in a twenty gallon? I plan on adding shrimp to my tank when I add plants and hiding spots to my tank. Biggest fish in the tank is a docile...
  13. Least Favorite Aquarium Fish?

    Two words: Tiger. Barbs. I was a kid when my dad had them in our community tank and they would constantly hog food and harass other fish to death. Within a few weeks, no other fish would be left but those striped a-holes swarming around the tank demanding more food. They aren't even that...
  14. Newly Scaped 5 gallon!

    It's beautiful! I love the placement of the light and how it shines down on the center where all the decor is. Very pleasing to the eye!
  15. 20 Gallon Tank Overstocked Or Not

    The angels are going to outgrow that tank, and they might not get along with the gourami especially if the anglefish are bonded. Swordtails and platies need to be in a group of at least five or six. I wouldn't say it's overstocked regarding bioload (unless the tank isn't cycled), but space wise...
  16. Is My Peacock Eel Eating?

    I don't know much about peacock eels, but have you tried feeding it with tweezers? Live blood worms can be bought online!
  17. A Little Help To Id An Unknown “algae”

    I don't think that's algae. Maybe a hitchhiker plant on the driftwood?
  18. Important Betta Furunculosis Treatment

    Sorry about your fish, wish I could have helped
  19. Help Red Eyed Tetra Suddenly Ill!

    It’s been a while huh? I just buried this fish that I’ve been needing some help on. Despite me quarantining the fish and doing some salt baths, the stomach continued bloating and a hole formed with its intestine hanging out. I separated it again and it continued its intestinal loss until today...
  20. Black Skirt Tetra Has Gill Issues?

    Update: Earlier today, she was pine coning. It wasn’t too bad, but I gave her a salt bath right away, since the last time that happened the bath helped. Left her in for 20 minutes like I usually do. But what was different was that she was easy to catch, almost too easy. After the bath, she only...

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