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  1. Have I messed up my fishless cycle?

    yes, it looks like you kinda lost some of the nitrate bacteria. You're going through the nirtrite spike again. It's ok. Just keep adding the ammonia and it will get back there soon enough.
  2. Help me finish out my 46 gallon

    I'm not really feeling any more gourami. I really didn't want snails to begin with. But I accidently wound up with pond snails. So I just want the assasins to take care of that problem. I have a congo of cories. One julii, 3 skunk, and one bronze. I had way more than that but lost a few due...
  3. Snail's For Sale

    GREAT! I def want 2-3
  4. Snail's For Sale

    Any more assasins available? I need 2-3 to take care of my pond snail population
  5. DISGUSTING tank

    I did think about asking for it. But my mom says she may eventually set it up in her house so I let it go. Plus my husband would be aggravated with another tank. Personally, I'd rather get rid of my 46 and 10 and get a 75 or more
  6. DISGUSTING tank

    I KNEW someone was going to say that!! I know they like to be in schools. But I don't want any more barbs. So they are gonna have to chill out in this tank in a pair. They have been like this for at least a couple years.
  7. DISGUSTING tank

    I did test the PH. I just used a quick dip test strip for that and it registered off the chart (which I already knew the PH at the shop was way high) and my water is about 7.6. I took a couple hours to acclimate them. They seem quite happy and energetic today.
  8. DISGUSTING tank

    There's a 20 gallon at my dad's work shop. He loves the tank and fish but doesn't take care of it at all. So that responsibility fell to my brother who wants nothing AT ALL to do with the tank. My mom calls to tell me that that are finally taking the tank down and do I want to get the three remaining...
  9. Help me finish out my 46 gallon

    Check out my siggy to see what I've got in the 46. The 10 pristella tetra that's in the 10 gallon will also go in the 46 in a couple weeks. I just bought them so they are hanging out in QT for a while. So in a couple weeks my 46 will look like this: Female Pearl Gourami 10 Pristella tetra 5...
  10. Which are prettier?

    A full grown male sword is gorgeous. But I platy comes in all the various colors.....
  11. My Cory thinks he is a dog!

    It looks like he's dying!!
  12. Ammonia in Goldfish Tank?

    Yes, the ammonia will eventually kill them. The reason they are gasping already is that ammonia lowers oxygen levels. Ammonia also burns. So there is several ways ammonia can kill them.
  13. Genetically modified angel fish- must see! :)

    I don't generally have a problem with genetically altered fish. But the pink is freaking me out a bit.... I don't think I like it.
  14. What to feed a Gourami?

    That's good to know about the pellets. My pearl gourami eats flakes fine but I think I'll get her some pellets too.
  15. pleco pimple

    That happened to my gourami one time. It cleared up on it's own. So I don't know really what it was.
  16. A curiosity

    Seems like an Oscar would have that strong fishy taste.......
  17. Why do cories swim with...

    My guess is bandit too now. Unless there is gold behind the black eye stripe. I KNOW FOR SURE it's not a skunk. I have 3 skunks. They don't have a black stripe across the eye and they have two stripes down each side of the body instead of one on top.
  18. Why do cories swim with...

    I googled. I think that's actually an adolfo's cory. I'd never even heard of those!
  19. Why do cories swim with...

    I don't think that's a skunk. That's a panda cory. The black on them is slightly different.
  20. Sanitizing QT water?

    I REALLY don't want to mess with bleach......

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