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  1. Clown killis and dwarf mexican crays

    Can they cohabitate?
  2. 20 Gallon Tank Gotta Redo It!

    Without going into details about why it needs a redoing (getting unexplained deaths not due to water quality), I am going to completely break down my tank, and redo it. New substrate, new rock, same plants and DW. I am planning on making a temp tank out of a tote. Can anyone give me the...
  3. 20 Gallon Tank What Is This?

    I have and know copepods and seed shrimps but this kind I dont know. Its only in my 20 gallon long that has a new colony of blue dreams, some CPO dwarf orange crays and micro crabs. The tank is approaching 6 months old. They are black and white striped, a bit bigger then cyclops. I can’t find...
  4. What Do You Think? Show Me Your Scapes!

  5. The Progression Of My New Tank.

    5. The reason for all my labors. 4. Diatoms finally dying off. 2 months in. Oh no! 3. Ugly diatoms! So gross! About a month into new tank build. 2. Manazantia, java fern, buce, and flame moss. Dwarf hair grass. Red dwarf lilly. About two weeks later. (Anubias and more plants added...
  6. 20 Gallon Tank Looking To Buy Or Trade Manz Wood For Blue Dream

    i want to buy 10 to 15 high quality blue dream neos or trade for manzanita wood (which I have plenty.). Please contact me if interested.
  7. Green Spot Algae And Phosphorus.

    i moved my nerites to a new tank to tackle diatoms and in that time, green spot algae has broke out in my shrimp tank. I returned a couple nerites but I would like to get to the bottom of the problem. In doing some research, I have read too much or too little phosphorus could be the culprit...
  8. 10 Gallon Tank A Lovers Tale

    He was older, bigger, manly! She was small and young and quiet. Then he noticed her golden beauty, how she slipped through the jungle, silent, aware. He approached her cautiously, lovingly. She feared him, at first. He was gentle, she relented. A torrid love affair ensued. They were...
  9. Fluval 3.3oz Co2 Unit

    Does anyone use this system? If so, how well does it work? How long do the cartridges last? I have a 20 gallon long I am considering trying it out on. Thanks for any info you can provide Fluval 17557 Pressurized 3.3 oz CO2 Kit
  10. 20 Gallon Tank What Would You Do?

    I have a very healthy 10 gallon neo shrimp tank with mystery snails, nerites, shrimp...and also tubifex worms and some flatworms (and yes, tons of copepods). This tank is only about 8 months old and Im not sure if some negative issues will come up as the tank gets older. I try not to overfeed...
  11. The Whats Up? About Planaria

    Cheg Lee
  12. History Of The Betta. David Attenborough

    Nico Chmielewski
  13. New Plant Light.

    im starting a new tank and I got this light to grow dwarf hair grass, flame moss, dwarf lilies, and maybe other low tech plants in the future. I didnt realize when I bought it, it doesnt have the blue and white LED’s at the same time. Its 7000k 920 lumens. I dont have any other stats. Will...
  14. 20gallon Long

    in the process of setup for this tank. Gonna house neo shrimp culls and I havent decided on fish yet. It can be seen 270 degrees. What do you guys think? It will have dwarf hair grass and flame moss, maybe an anubias. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. 20 Gallon Tank To Glo Or Not To Glo

    im getting a 20 gallon long for Christmas and the plan is to stock it with neo shrimp culls and some snails and some kind of fish. I was considering glo danios but they get mixed reviews of survival and some also protest their “manufacture” as well. I just thought they would be fun and colorful on...
  16. Salty Bee

    I have literally used half a scoop of salty bee and salty mineral in my tank and my water has levelled out, so its going to waste in my cabinet. I hate for it to go to waste. If anyone has a desire to trade for cholla wood or other shrimp products, contact me.
  17. 10 Gallon Tank Shrimp Tank.

    I have an AC30 HOB in my shrimp tank along with sponge filters. I will remove the HOB and use in a new tank I am getting soon, but in the meantime, I have baby shrimp and they get buffered pretty hard from the outflow, even on lowest setting. Even the adults can get tossed, so I think I found...
  18. 20 Gallon Tank Second Tank.

    I have a 10 gallon shrimp tank with a sponge filter and an AQ30 HOB (with a sponge on the intake). I plan on using the HOB to seed my new 20 gallon long, but I want to take my time on this new tank. I expect it, in time, to house my culls from my shrimp tank and have some neon tetras in it, but Im in no...
  19. 20 Gallon Long Glass Rimless

    i cant find one in stock anywhere. Anyone know where I should look?
  20. Question How Do You Feel About H2o2 Treatment?

    Gonna try this once my shrimp babies are born and doing well I think. Im starting to get a hair algae issue and I’d like to kick it in the teeth before it gets too far out of hand.

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