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  1. Question why do my fish spit out their food

    just as the title says. why do they do this? the clown does it the most. and the damsels also do it sometimes. it really annoys me because it will be the first feeding they have had and they will do it. when i know they are hungry. It seems to happen most with the Instant Ocean omni. pellets
  2. 90 Gallon Tank Purple Tang a good thing???

    what about yellow tangs
  3. 90 Gallon Tank Purple Tang a good thing???

    i dont know how to add pictures
  4. 90 Gallon Tank Purple Tang a good thing???

    I think the purple tang is beautiful, and i want one. I have a 90 gallon aquarium 4 feet long. 3 blue devil damsels, and one clownfish. i plan on getting a few more fish before the tang, so he can be the close to the last if not the last addition to the tank. any thoughts ???
  5. Help 2 skunks in...only one left standing??

    yes hold on to hope!!! i sometimes go a week without seeing my peppermint shrimp, and he is fine! i actually just saw him today, and he has just grown and grown. dont worry about it for now. Wait for a little while longer, and if after a week or so, you still havent seen him, he may have been...
  6. Seriously I dont know what to do

    update: my algae is gone. thanks to my amazing clean up crew ). i just hope that the coraline algae starts growing soon. all the rocks are whiteish now.
  7. Why use RO water?

    I DONT KNOW WHAT KIND OF ALGEA IT IS! its brown, i dont know what major algae is. and the nitrates are under 20 ppm
  8. Seriously I dont know what to do

    im using tap, and the canister is the ehiem wet dry, with the coco crispys, inside. its called eufsubstratepro or something weird like that. there isnt any mechanical filtration
  9. Seriously I dont know what to do

    I have tested for nitrates and they were under 20, i havent tested for phos yet, i need to order a new test kit, as mine is all gone. i noticed that a phos-zorb pack made a difference so its probably that. And I have a korilla 2, and 3, along with my mag drive 3 powering my protein skimmer, and...
  10. Why use RO water?

    my cycle has been finished for over a month now. and yes i just ordered 100 turbo snails and 100 hermit crabs (the 90+gal carib. cleanup crew from fostersmith)
  11. has anyone tried dr.smith/fosters cleanup crew

    ok thanks guys, im gonna buy the package with the most turbo snails. I have to buy from them online, because it is so much cheaper than anything i can get here. Im gonna get the 90+ gallon Caribbean pack.
  12. Question Nitrate Help Please!

    well thanks for your input!! my tanks water is also far better than my LFS's so i would say that your tank will be like a breath of fresh air for your new arrivals. im not sure why you had a death already, i have heard that the cleaning inverts, have very random deaths
  13. Seriously I dont know what to do

    thats really cool. you have a lot of tanks! i really wanted to get a powder blue tang and yellow tang. but i have heard that i could only keep one...and that i should probably get the yellow. do u us RO water?
  14. Why use RO water?

    ok. the tank has only been set up since around january. so 4 months. i have coriline algae on my koraline wave makers. at least i think its coraline. its very pretty red and pinkish color. i guess its cuz they are cleaner than the rocks
  15. has anyone tried dr.smith/fosters cleanup crew

    well all i have now is 1 clown, and 3 damsels. im planning on getting a tang and a few others...but nothing that isnt reef safe. and yes they seem very good at what they do. i love the company. it just seemed a bit excessive.
  16. has anyone tried dr.smith/fosters cleanup crew

    Just as the title says. Has anyone tried their attack packs? either for algae or detritus. They seem quite large. 15 hermit crabs, 30 turbo snails, and 50 dwarf hermits. thats 95 total! just for a 75 gallon tank. has anyone bought one of these packages? im having problems with dirty sand and...
  17. Seriously I dont know what to do

    ok locoyo386 i just saw your video of your tank on the my thread about keeping 2 tangs together. How are your tangs doing? What size tank are they in? your 240gal? im seriously going to get some type of new filter in my tank. im gonna look at the aquaclears that you mentioned. because your tank...
  18. Why use RO water?

    im having trouble with brown sand is dirty, and the rocks are as well. they look really brown did that go away when you used RO?
  19. Seriously I dont know what to do

    hmm thats a different approach! what kind of fish are you keeping? do you have any pictures??
  20. Seriously I dont know what to do

    Oh and one more thing, should i say to the filter floss/ pads, and just get random chemical pouches/ resins, and add that to the media in the filter i already have? if so which ones?

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