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  1. Question Apistogramma cockatoo cichlid addition

    I have had a male cockatoo cichlid in my 36 gallon tank for about one month now with about 14 sarpea tetras. I wanted to add a new male cockatoo into the tank, but worried about it being harassed by the old one. Does anyone have experience with this. Please let me know. Thanks
  2. Help 36 gallon bow front aquarium stocking

    I am just about finished with my cycle for my bow front 36 gallon aquarium. I could use some help with stocking a colorful tank when it’s ready. Please help with suggestions. I like catfish but not really into cories.
  3. Tetra Safestart/topping off with water

    I just used tetra safestart and I don't think I added enough water to my tank. I wanted to see if it would be okay to top-off the tank with some dechlorinated water or do I have to wait a few weeks?
  4. Snowball Pleco Not Eating?

    i bought a snowball pleco about two weeks ago and he hides in a cave all day. I only saw him once since I got him and that was because I was rearranging my tank. I’m not sure if he is eating...I let cucumber over night , but none of the fish touched these type of plecos always hide and...
  5. Snowball Pleco

    I bought a snowball pleco last week, but have not seen him it normal for this type of pleco to hide all the time....or should I start moving things around to find him just in case?
  6. Top Level Schooling Fish

    I have a 55 gallon fish tank, and want to add top of the tank schooling fish. I have mid size angelfish in the tank...any suggestions?
  7. Angelfish Pair ??

    I have five angelfish in my 55 gallon, attempting to get a spawning pair. Two have paired off and they have been cleaning an area and fighting off any of the other angelfish from that area, but I have yet to see any eggs. I see the breeding tubes and they kind of look like they area both males...
  8. Which School For A 55 Gallon

    im looking for a school of fish for my 55 gallon, I have angelfish, bolivian rams and corys...I've tried neon and cardinals, but I have not been able to keep them alive, I want a top of the water column schooler....any ideas?
  9. My 55 Angel Fish Tank

    Here is my 55 gallon fish tank...
  10. Any lighting to highlight angels

    I currently have a 6500k light, which kind of washes out my blue angels colors.....can I add a small led light with blue lighting , or will that not work?
  11. Water change during spawning

    My kribs are guarding wigglers in there cave, but I would like to do a water change... Can I do this without scaring them into eating there wigglers?
  12. Should I add or remove any stock?

    I currently have a 55 gallon tank with 6 angel fish, 2 blue rams, 8 neon black tetras, 4 harlequin rasboras, 5 albino cory cats and 1 cockatoo apisto. I would like to hear your suggestions as to what i can change in the tank, either by adding or removing stock. thanks
  13. Albino Corycats?

    I want to get corys for my tank and have been thinking about sterbai, but they are pretty expensive. I'm thinking about albino corycatfish, since i believe i can keep them at 80 degrees, to go along with my rams, apistos and angels. I've kept albinos in the past, but always noticed that many...
  14. At what size do they color up?

    I just bought a pair of cockatoos cichlids, but they are pretty young, probably not even an inch long...I have them with two half dollar angelfish and two blue what size do the cockatoos begin to show color on their fins? Oh and would my angels and rams pose any threat to these...
  15. how to get rid of debris on the substrate

    I do weekley water changes, but i still get a lot of debris on my sand substrate...I had a few plecos who would chew on my driftwood and leave lots of wood dust on the substrate and now its all over my plants there anything i can use to help the filters pick up this mess, instead of...
  16. Background removal

    When I set up my aquarium backgrounds I used cooking oil to attach it, and it worked great.. I'm replacing it with a black background, but the glass of the aquarium still has oil residues, and I'm not sure if the new background is going to stick neatly... Is there anyway to clean up the...
  17. Pest Snails?

    I looked in my tank today, and i can see about ten tiny snails on my driftwood....They are all white, but there shell, looks like the ones pest snails have...I have not brought in any plants in over a month and i'm not sure how they came into my tank....I really don't want an outbreak...Is there...
  18. Looking for ideal catfish

    I have a 55 gallon, partially planted tank...I have 2 mid sized angel fish, 8 harlequin rasboras, 2 blue rams and 2 bristle nose plecos. I would like a catfish or two to roam the bottom area of my tank...I'm not really into corys.. Do you guys have any suggestions into what type of catfish i can...
  19. Jungle val and crypt melt

    I'm currently using api root tabs, flourish comprehensive and api co2, but I keep getting melt with the crypts and you think my plants would grow better without api co2 and just the other two.
  20. Are bristle nose plecos this mess?

    i have two that are about 2 inches long...and i have wood bits all over the sand...I guess they like to rasp on driftwood, but wow....I did my water change yesterday, and i see a mess all over the sand again...Are they usually this messy?

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