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  1. Help Sick Puffer

    Hello, I have a green spotted puffer fish in my 29 gallon aquarium. I’ve had him for around a year now and he’s been fine, but about 6 months ago, weird white scars started showing up on his body. It doesn’t look like a fungus, more like a scar. Over the six months more have appeared, but not a...
  2. Important Sick Gsp

    My Green Spotted Puffer has had an outbreak of fuzzy white splotches. It’s not ich. He’s always had a few white splotches and I’ve had him for four months now so i assumed they were scars from whatever the previous owner did. But now that it’s clearly something else I’ve ordered Primafix and...
  3. How To Tell How Much Salt To Put In My Aquarium Without Hydrometer?

    I have a Brackish Water aquarium and my hydrometer doesn’t work. I need to know how much salt to add to my aquarium to make it around 1.01-1.015 salinity. My aquarium is 29 gallons. Thanks!
  4. Remove Carbon In Filter When I Am Feeding Medicine Soaked Food?

    So I’m getting a Green Spotted Puffer, and since they are wild caught I’m going the deworm it as a preventative. I’m going to use Prazi Pro and on the bottle it says to remove all activated carbon from the tank. If I soak the food and then feed it to the Puffer, will I still need to take the...
  5. Green Spotted Puffer Quarantine

    So I’m getting a Green Spotted Puffer and I have everything ready except for the medicine. I know their wild caught so they often have internal parasites and other issues. I want to make sure to deworm it when I get it but also make sure it doesn’t have anything like camallanus worms. Does...
  6. Bladder Snail Care

    Hi, there is a pond near my house that has bladder snails in it. And I have a bucket to keep bladder snails in to feed my puffer. It will be in my garage where there is not a lot of light say 30 minutes of light a day. Will the snails be able to survive and do well with that little light and...
  7. Brackish Water Bladder Snail?

    So I’m going to be feeding my Brackish Water Green Spotted Puffer live bladder snails and I’m concerned that one might get away and then reproduce like crazy. Can they survive in Brackish Water?
  8. Fluorite Black Sand For Brackish Water

    I’m getting a brackish water aquarium and I currently have Flourite Black Sand. Woll this work for brackish waters with the salinity of around .004 to .008?
  9. Buying Bladder Snails

    Anyone know a good site to buy live bladder snails?
  10. Malaysian Trumpet Snail

    I’m getting a Green Spotted Puffer and before I get it I need a food source to keep its teeth from getting to big. I have a 3 gallon bucket that I can use to keep Trumpet Snails. I want them to reproduce like crazy because I’ll be feeding about 4 snails a week. I heard they burrow though. So...
  11. Amazon Puffer Stocking.

    Hello, I’ve been thinking about getting an Amazon Puffer for my planted 29 gallon tank. So, I have some questions. Is my 29 gallon too small? If it arrives with teeth way too big, how do I clip it’s teeth? If I do end up getting tank mates, they would be corydoras, would those be suitable for...
  12. Golden Dojo Loach Fin Rot

    Recently my Golden dojo loach has started just floating upright at the top of the tank and his fins seem to be rotting. Please help.
  13. Water Current In My Tank

    So, I have a 29 gallon tank with 1 kribensis chiclid 2 pearl Gouramis and 1 Golden dojo loach. My pearl Gouramis are 1 male and 1 female. The filter is on one side of the aquarium (and no I can’t move it) causing almost all the current to be on one side of the tank. That makes both of the pearl...
  14. Garlic In Fish Food

    How do I infuse garlic into a flaked fish food and how do I make it?
  15. Tiger Barb Not Eating

    I have a 29 gallon tank with 5 tiger barbs, 1 kribensis chiclid, 2 pearl gouramis, and 1 one golden dojo loach. One of my tiger barbs (the dominant one) was chasing all the other ones around and forcing them to hide. And two days ago he actually bit half another one of my tiger barbs fin off...
  16. My Tiger Barb Got Half Of His Fin Bit Off

    I own a 29 gallon with 1 kribensis chiclid, 2 pearl gouromis, 1 golden dojo loach, and 5 tiger barbs with plenty of hiding places .One of my tiger barbs is very aggressive to all the other ones. And today I noticed one of my tiger barbs was missing half of his fin! His color is really faded but...

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